It’s about the Journey

You get to know someone pretty well when you spend hours each week cycling together and that’s before we spend 60 days together. There’s no one else I can imagine doing this trip with besides Matt. We’re very synched up on what our goals are for the ride. While we have two primary “goals” which is to finish and to remain as close of friends as we are before the trip, our main goal is to enjoy the journey. For us it’s not about reaching the destination, but it’s about enjoying all the small moments of the trip. We’re both very clear that while we’ll keep track of all the tons of data like mileage, speed, climbing, heart rate, etc that’s not what our goal is. We want to enjoy the journey. That means stopping in towns we ride through, meeting people along the ride, enjoying different foods from across America, stopping to take pictures, etc. When you cycle as much as we do it’s very easy to put your head down and ride as hard as you can each day. While there’s been plenty of times we’ve done this, not this time. As part of our training to “Enjoy the Journey” I took the photo above on Mt. Diablo. We’ve ridden up Mt. Diablo hundreds of times over the years and are usually checking our time at certain checkpoints up the mountain to see how fast we can go. This time the spring flowers on the mountain were incredible and we stopped to enjoy and take a picture. Not only are we training our bodies for the 4000 miles this summer, but we’re working on training our outlook as well. Matt and I will be enjoying every moment of our journey, even the challenging times as that’s part of what makes it a journey.

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