It’s the Little Things

We’re now inside of 50 days before we leave on or trip.  We have all of the big things nailed down like the dates, route, SAG drivers, training, etc.  It’s the little things that are driving us nuts.  If someone were to ride with Matt & I during our training rides they would think we were going to be nowhere near civilization during our ride (of course some points of South Dakota may be considered nowhere near civilization).  We keep discussing what we need to bring and what are we going to do in certain situations.   We have talked through the gear, nutrition, clothing, accommodations, weather, traffic, injury, etc.  You name it and we’ve talked through it dozens of times.  Now we’re onto “what are we forgetting?”.  Just about the time we have each other completely stressed we remind ourselves that when Matt’s Dad cycled across America 20 years ago, they had no GPS or cell phones.  They figured it out and had a great trip across America.  While it’s important for us to be well planned out and organized we also have to keep it all in perspective.  Basically, as long as we can ride our bikes we’ll make it… 

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2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. I’m sure we can find a good mid-day restaurant in Sacramento and it will be on me……..

  2. You must have been a Boy Scout, Chris… “Always be prepared”! Your ride is like life… we can prepare all we want, but there will inevitably be unexpected surprises. Those glitches and hitches make the best stories!

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