Training to Ride AND Eat

First off I can’t believe it’s only 13 days until Matt and I leave on our trip! After years in planning it’s almost surreal that the time has finally arrived. As we get close to departure day we realized we needed to adjust our training. Usually when we train the idea is to ride for a certain distance and/or time. Almost all of our weekend rides involve cycling for 4-6 hours and then ending in downtown Danville for lunch. As we were riding the other day we suddenly realized this is not how we had planned to ride across America. Our plan is to explore the small towns as we ride through them which will result in quite a bit of stopping, starting, stopping again and of course eating. As a result, last Saturday we decided to practice this stopping, starting and eating! We rode from Danville to Pleasanton (about 15 miles) and stopped at Tulley’s for a coffee and muffin. Then it was on to Sunol a climb over Palmares Canyon into Castro Valley a climb over Redwood road to Moroga and then down to Orinda (we’re about 50 miles in at this point) for lunch. We then rode another 15 miles back to Danville and stopped at Peet’s for one last coffee before heading home. Of course each time we started riding after taking our coffee/food breaks the legs muscles were a little sore and it took us a few miles to get back in the rhythm we had been in. It was a fun day and certainly not the type of training were used too, but hey we’re willing to make sacrifices…

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One thought on “Training to Ride AND Eat

  1. Gary Nemetz

    Our neighbors have a place up in Jackson Hole and they said you will have a blast being there July 4th. Fireworks at 1030 pm due to being so far north. They also mentioned with the climb to get there it is good you will have the day off! Have a great time..

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