Oh the things you’ll see…

Fox Hat Man…what more needs to be said?

Well this picture certainly captures the spirit of the day. In our 98 mile ride today we saw more interesting sights than we thought possible. I’ve posted a number of pictures at the end of the blog but those are only about half of what I could have posted. Today we rode from Davis, Ca to Nevada City, CA which was 98 miles with 6,184 feet of climbing and took us 6.5 hours. The challenging part was that the majority of the climbing came in the last 30 miles. Anyway, enough with the stats and on to the interesting info. Our friend Beth who we met for lunch suggested we have a word(s) of the day, which sounded like a good idea to us. So yesterday the word of the day was Tailwind. Today it had to be Fox Hat! This morning we met our friend Greg Grant who lives in Sacramento and rode from Davis to Old Sacramento where we stopped for coffee. At the coffee shop we saw Fox Hat man. I asked him if we could take a picture with him which he was more than happy to do. When I asked him why we dressed up like that he explained that he entertains the children that come to Old Sac. Gotta admit I didn’t find this particularly reassuring. From there Greg took us on the American River bike path which is the most incredible bike trail I’ve ever been on. It’s 32 miles long along the American River and you only cross a road a couple of times. It’s pretty flat and a perfect place to ride. We also saw a few fun sites like the Mini Golden gate bridge, the fish hatchery (where my parents had taken me in the 6th grade for a school report), Folsom Dam, Folsom Prison (where Johnny Cash sang), the bridge from the early 1900’s with the classic sign (see below). While riding along the trail we looked up and saw our good friend Rob Vanderlip. Rob and I coached softball together for 5 years and Rob’s ridden a number of Tour de Tahoe’s with us. Anyway, he was up that way on business and saw our route on the blog and came out to meet us. It was definitely the surprise of the day. From there we Rode to Bruce and Beth Craig’s house in Newcastle for Lunch and Bruce joined us for riding the last 10 miles to his house. Bruce is a lifelong friend of Matt’s and has become a good friend of mine. Anyway Bruce and Beth had a great lunch set out out for us and their daughter Sammy made us wonderful cupcakes which were the sweets of the day! From there we went to Auburn and saw the old California state capital. As Greg said today was the tour of the “Olds” as we saw Old Sacramento, Old Folsom. Old Auburn, Old Grass Valley and Old Nevada City. From Auburn to Nevada City we rode 30 miles of mostly uphill riding. The last two days of excitement started to catch up with us and we were both ready to be done. Big thanks to Greg for helping us those last miles. We then ended our ride at the National Hotel which is the oldest continuous running hotel west of the Mississippi. We cleaned up and then went to dinner with Matt, Cindy, Bruce, Beth, Greg, Linda, Brenda and myself. A great end to a good day. Also, another BIG THANKS to Cindy Swinnerton for setting the bar very high for all future SAG wagon drivers!

Mini Golden Gate bridge over the American River in Sacramento

Fish Hatchery I had visited as a kid with my parents

Gotta love this sign from in early 1900’s.

Greg Grant rode the whole 98 miles with us and Rob Vanderlip & Bruce Craig joined us for part of the ride.

We stopped at Bruce & Beth Craig’s for lunch

Finish at the National Hotel in Nevada City

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6 thoughts on “Oh the things you’ll see…

  1. Paul hurdlow

    Rob looking RESPLENDENT in his Giants kit!

  2. Sue Gorgen

    So fun to share in your ADVENTURE!! Love reading your posts. Hope that today goes as well. 🙂 Be safe

  3. Donna

    With all the visiting you guys are doing , you may never get to the Atlantic!! Be safe and I love reading the blog. Thanks for taking me on your trip.

  4. Maren smith

    There’s a good joke in there–wear the fox hat (I recall a pretty funny YouTube video). Sounds like you’ve had good company on your adventure and are being treated well–cupcakes, too? Wow!

  5. Brienne Fisher

    Will ride for cupcakes…

  6. Cliff

    I like the “Cutters” jersey!

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