155 miles…done!

We made it to Lovelock, NV after 155 miles riding from the cabin. Tomorrow’s a rest day so Matt and I will give a whole recap of the day with photos. However a BIG thanks to Bryan Hoadley who paced Matt and I the whole 155 miles. Right now we’re having the “best worst” pizza and salad ever in Lovelock before we drive back to the cabin. After you’ve rode 155 miles any food is the best. More details tomorrow as we write the blog while sitting on the deck in Tahoe!

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2 thoughts on “155 miles…done!

  1. crockers5@sbcglobal.net

    Hey guys, Love the blog. You write so well and with enough detail that we can vicariously experience your trip without having our back-side hurt. Enoy your day of rest – you certainly deserve it.and we look forward to tomorrows update. Tell Cindy we love the pictures. Your tandem supporters – Jeff and Jo

  2. mswinnerton

    Thanks Jeff. Our first few days have been amazing. Yesterday was the toughest so we will be enjoying a day on the deck at the Dittmore cabin. Thanks again for being there at the start, it really meant a lot to me. All the best!

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