Angels of the Desert

Angel of the Desert

From this day forward, my brother-in-law, Bryan Hoadley, is forever to be known as the “Angel of the Desert”!  After having completed our first 3 days of our trip that included roughly 270 miles of riding and 16,000 feet of climbing, we were faced with our longest ride of the trip.  Lake Tahoe to Lovelock, Nevada.  155 miles in the Nevada Desert.  Chris and I were both worried about fatigue, wind, heat etc.  Luckily, my brother-in-law, Bryan Hoadley volunteered to join us for the ride and help shepherd across the Nevada Monster.

Now a little about Bryan.  They day before he did this for us, he completed the Pescadero road race as a category 3 racer and finished 9th.  For those not familiar with bike racing, category 3 racers are top-tier amateurs, often competing against current and future pros and it’s an open age category so old guys like Bryan (47) compete against a bunch of 20 somethings.  With his warm up, the race itself and cool down, he put in over 90 miles, climbed over 6000 feet and averaged over 21 miles and hour.  Bottom line, Bryan’s result here was very impressive.  He then hops in his car, drives up to Tahoe, and then proceeds to  lead us through the desert for 155 miles, through strong headwinds much of the way, 90 degree temperatures and at an average speed of  19.6 miles an hour.  Bottom line, this was one impressive feat.  Chris and I both agreed that at the very least, Bryan took 2 hours or more off the time it would have taken on our own and there is also a good chance that we may not have been able to finish the day without his help.  We are forever grateful for Bryan’s support and it has earned him the esteemed title – Angel of the desert!

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3 thoughts on “Angels of the Desert

  1. Congrats on breaking the 400 mile and 20,000 ft. barriers! Glad to have been there for a sliver of your cross country odyssey. Matt – I promise I will get some new bike shorts before I ride in front of you again!

  2. Bryan Hoadley

    It was a real pleasure to be a small part of your impressive journey guys. i wish i could contribute more but was glad to be your “domestique” for the day, at your pace to get you through that long stage. Word of the day…”headwind” what i don’t get is how we kept changing directions and each time we did, the wind changed with us so we always had a headwind, that’s just not right!

  3. Greer

    Looks like today is a rest day! Enjoy you guys! We are having fun keeping tabs on you….from the couch! 🙂

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