Change of Pace

Every day Brenda has been texting Matt and I and inspirational quote. Here’s the one from yesterday that we enjoyed: “Be at one with the universe, and if you can’t do that at least be one with the bike” – Lennard Zinn.  After almost 38 hours on the bike in the past week I can definitely say that I’m “at one with the bike”. 

Today was a day Matt and I were looking forward too as it would be our last day on Hwy 80 during our ride across America.  While we had no problems on Hwy 80 it was still a little unnerving having trucks flying past you at 75-80 mph and realizing if they kicked up a rock and it hit you, you’d go flying.  We only had 50 miles to ride today so we didn’t leave Elko until 9a. It was nice having a leisurely morning, but it was also a little warmer than we had been used to when we set out. We had checked out the website the night before and saw that we had road construction on Hwy 80 before Wells, NV that we had to deal with.  Maggie and Danica drove ahead to check out the road for us to see if we could ride it. Matt and I then rode 20 miles and called them to find out the status. There was no way for us to proceed as the Hwy was down to one lane with no shoulder.  We then went to plan B which should have been plan A all along. We put the bikes on the car and drove up the rode to the next exit. There was a country road that would be longer but loop us around the construction. Matt and I had become so focused on “getting through Nevada” that we had been sticking to the shortest, quickest route on Hwy 80. Mind you, before this there weren’t really many other choices. Anyway, it took us all of about 30 seconds to realize this change of pace was exactly what we needed. Instead of riding in a paceline right behind each other we were able to ride next to each other and chat and enjoy the scenery. That was are other change of pace, not only were we on a country road but we were now close to the Ruby Mountains and were starting to see green for the first time in days. We talked about how this is what we imagined riding across America.  Hopefully we’ll have many more days like our backroad today. 

Now while Matt and I were enjoying our ride our SUPER SUPPORT drivers Danica and Maggie were out doing themselves. I already told you how they scouted the road construction for us. It was also much hotter today so they brought us fresh water and took pictures for us. Then they washed the car, checked into the hotel in Wells, put ALL of our luggage in our room and bought us chocolate milk for our recovery drink. They have been an incredible help to us and have set the bar high.  THANK YOU!!!

Matt and I then rolled into Wells and took all of about 2 minutes to ride through town before heading on to the hotel. One of the things that we do to help keep our bodies holding up for all the riding is using the foam roller and spending 15 minutes or so doing yoga after we ride. It helps stretch and massage the muscles and gets us ready for the next day. Although, I must admit when Maggie and Danica came to our room to get something and we had the yoga mat and foam roller out they seemed to be wondering about these two guys from California.

Matt and I then went to the ONE Bar and Grill in Wells and had a couple of beers and a cheeseburger. We spent the afternoon catching up on some work, doing laundry, jumping in the pool and just relaxing. We did go drive up Hwy 93 which is what we have to take to get to Idaho. The shoulder is a little narrow so we’re going to leave at 5:30a tomorrow to try beat any traffic there might be. After getting back from our scouting trip the four of us went back to Luther’s for dinner and had a fun evening sharing stories.  Today we ended up riding 49 miles in 2:38 with 1,738 feet of climbing, our easiest day yet! Tomorrow we ride 68 miles to Jackpot, NV before we get to Idaho the next day. Here’s a few photos from today.

Easiest way to pack when staying on the second floor…

Rolling out of Elko, NV

Meeting the SAG Wagon for more water.

Super Support driver Danica (who works with Brenda) get the desert off the SAG Wagon

Super Support driver Maggie washing the SAG Wagon

Finally of Hwy 80 riding by the Ruby Mountains

Water brings life…

Getting ready to shoot video with the GoPro helmet cam

Ruby Mountains outside of Wells, NV

After days of nothing but the desert it was nice to see farming

Didn’t know we were so close…

Here’s where we had lunch and dinner in Wells, NV. Great cheeseburger!

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4 thoughts on “Change of Pace

  1. You’re getting into it now, looking forward to the rest of the journey and pics!

  2. Julie Panagakos

    Luther’s looks like it should be a BBQ place in KC….enjoying the blog. Stay safe.

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