Matt’s back in the lead


Beautiful morning, but 6 miles into Idaho as we’re riding over rough road that is under repair. Luckily since it’s a Saturday there is no road construction going on today.

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5 thoughts on “Matt’s back in the lead

  1. Mary Anna (Matt's Mom and former SAG driver)

    You will both be experts in tire repair by Aug. 19. Have you timed yourselves to see how long it takes, the most efficient and effective way to do it…maybe a future e-book on long-distance bike trip and tire repair could be in the future. May the rest of the day be “flat free”.

    • mswinnerton

      Thanks Mom. I think we have the tire repair process nailed. We will be masters level instructors when we finish! No that we are off the big truck interstates, we’re hoping for fewer flats. I actually replaced our first tire yesterday so it’s good we were prepared for this.

  2. Kim Peterson

    Great job guys thus far!! Thanks for the updates. Glad to hear that you both are being careful. Stay safe and keep up the solid progress across the US. Let us know if you need anything. Glad to send care package or whatever!! Kim

    • We may need a supply of Melissa’s famous breakfast burritos!

    • mswinnerton

      Thanks for your note. We are having a great time and still feel good each day. Comments from people following the blog and the trip are really great and help keep us motivated. I hope you, Melissa and Zack are having a great summer.

      All the best,


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