Title of tonight’s blog…


“Matt, isn’t that a dirt road?!?

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5 thoughts on “Title of tonight’s blog…

  1. Paul Hurdlow


  2. Sue Dalton


  3. Chris Gorgen

    That can’t be good for the flat tire situation….Good Luck Boys!!

  4. Mark Duvall

    Matt: You guys are awesome! Now i know why mountain bike riding with you was more than i am really capable of. Your trip is sounding great! Enjoy!

  5. mswinnerton

    Thanks Mark. The trip has been a blast. We are even having fun figuring out the foibles of the GPS tools and developing the work arounds on the fly. It’s part of the adventure. I hope things in your world are starting to become a bit more manageable. Let’s try to connect when I get back from the trip.

    All good things, Matt

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