Uh Matt, that looks like a dirt road?!?

Before I tell about our journey today (an extra 18 mile journey) let me first thank Matt for taking on the burden of figuring out the route each day.  My main jobs in planning for our trip we’re to coordinate the support drivers and figure out the accommodations each night.  Matt took on the much bigger job of planning how we’d get from point A to point B each day.  I mean his Dad was responsible for producing topo maps for the Western US so he should naturally be the mapping guy, right?  Cindy had warned me but I was more than happy to let Matt do the routing.

Uh Matt, that looks like a dirt road?!?  Are you sure that’s the way we’re supposed to go?

So before we get into the dirt road story let me tell you how the day began.  We started a little late as first we lost an hour due to the Mountain Zone time change.  Then I lost my riding sunglasses which fell off my helmet when I walked my bike out of the casino.  I’m sure some trucker (90% of the casino patrons) is enjoying them.  We finally rolled out of Jackpot and proceeded all of a few hundred yards and then were in Idaho.  We were glad to be out of the desert of Nevada (although thankful for the GREAT weather we had while riding in Nevada).  We had about 20 miles to ride on Hwy 93 and then we’d be done with our least favorite road so far.  In an attempt to solidify it’s title as “Worst road we rode on our trip”, it had one more surprise for us.  After 5 miles we encountered road construction (they weren’t working since it was a Saturday) and the road had been stripped so they could lay down new asphalt.  We had 15 miles of jarring bumpy riding which at least gave us nie rear end massages.  During this stretch Matt had our first flat of the day.  We then arrived at our turn excited to get off of Hwy 93 only to find the route was taking us on a dirt road.  Now that may be fine for a car, motorcycle or mountain bike, but it wasn’t going to work for our skinny, high pressure road bike tires.  When mapping out our trip Matt had used a great website called www.ridewithGPS.com .  It did a great job of routing our trip and was much easier than when Matt’s Dad planned his trip and had to find detailed paper maps for each section of the  U.S. they rode through.  Anyway, one flaw in the Ride with GPS website is that it will occasionally route you on a dirt road (right now as I write this blog Matt is busy checking our routes for the next few days).  Fortunately we were able to use Google Maps on our iPhones and figure a re-route to Burley, ID.  It would add a few miles, but what the heck, it’s an adventure after all.  It was also getting a little later in the days and we were only a few more additional miles from Twin Falls, ID so we decided to ride there for lunch before heading on to Burley.  We called Danica and Maggie and had then go find a great local sandwich shop that we met at.  After lunch we rode down through the city to the bike shop to replenish our dwindling supply of tubes and CO2 cartridges.  The girls then headed out to see the waterfalls in Twin Falls and Matt and I set off for Burley.  We were 50 miles into our planned 76 mile ride but now faced another 43 miles to get to our hotel as the re-route and detour to Twin Falls had added another 18 miles to our day!  At 50 miles, 18 extra miles doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.  However as the temperature increases into the 90’s and you hit mile 76 and know you thought you’d be done, 18 more miles feels like a hundred.  One thing we noticed just a few miles into Idaho was how everything was starting to get green.  By this time we were in the heart of farm land (and the smells that go with it).  We were hot and running a little low on water so we pulled into a farmhouse and asked the lady out front if we could fill our water bottles.  As you’d expect she said of course and quickly pointed out which hose to use as we needed to be sure to use “house” water and not “irrigation” water.  We then rode the final ten miles into Burley talking about two things and two things only…the need to locate the best milkshake in town and jumping in the pool at the hotel.  When we rode into Burley we asked two local girls where was the best milkshake and they immediately said “you have to go to A.C.’s!  We rode a few more blocks and found A.C. Drive-in which was a very cool old-fashioned drive-in restaurant (if you’re under 30 you probably have no idea what I’m talking about and should go rent American Graffiti) and savored wonderful Black Raspberry milkshakes.  We then rode to the hotel, quickly checked-in and then immediately jumped in the pool.  After cleaning up we then went out to a great Mexican dinner and are now planning tomorrow’s re-route as Matt just told me we have a few dilemma’s for tomorrows route.  Just have to remind ourselves it’s an adventure!  One final note.  As of today we’ve climbed 30,337 feet which is higher than Mt. Everest (and our legs feel like we’ve climbed Mt. Everest).

Matt rolls into our third state.

Goodbye Nevada.  Thanks for the good weather!

First flat of the day. I had one later in the day.

Now I know what to do with our old couches!  Hwy 93 roadside viewing.

We’re up to 6 flats on the trip, time for more tubes and CO2 cartridges. Bike shop in Twin Falls, ID.

We’re in Hansen, where are our good friends John and Lynda?!?

Support drivers Danica and Maggie enjoying the falls in Twin Falls, ID.

Great Milkshake in Burley, ID after riding 93 miles. Thios drive-in (remember those) has been there since 1954.

Ahhhh.  Thought about this for the last 10 miles!

Nothing like a good post ride beverage! Not sure if it’s big enough.  Support driver Maggie is more than happy to join in with us!

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4 thoughts on “Uh Matt, that looks like a dirt road?!?

  1. Lynda Hansen

    Hansen Idaho!! Who knew? Should we move??

  2. Hallie

    That milkshake looks soooo good!

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