We made it!


We just arrived in Jackson Hole, WY after riding 91 miles from Idaho Falls. The ride was beautiful and the climb over Teton Pass was TOUGH! The final 3 miles were 10% grade or more. I’ll try and blog more later tonight if I can stay awake.

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6 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Juli Lorton

    So proud of you!!! Jackson Hole will always have a special place in our hearts (honeymoon :-).

    • mswinnerton

      Hey Giles. Great fun today and looking forward to the 4th in Jackson tomorrow. Have a blast in the San Juan”s with Mom and Dad` and Mike and Patty.

  2. Lynda Hansen

    nice work, guys!!

  3. …love that town … steak house about a block from the antlers west side of the street, can’t remember the name, remember the steak!!

  4. jo

    Hi Guys, You are amazing. Woke up not wanting to exercise because of a sore back and shoulder but thought if they can do what they’re doing, what’s my problem. So you continue to be an inspiration. Glad things are going so well and you’re enjoying every step of the journey. Love being able to read about your travels each day. Jo

  5. Paul Hurdlow

    Best blog update yet! Even in photos, the vast beauty of Wyoming comes through, and your writing really conveys the impact (physical, and emotional) of your riding there. Just awesome stuff guys! Dittmore, carry your own damn flat stuff at all times, for crying out loud! I’m sure this was the sort of day you hoped for when you set out, and you earned every minute of it.

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