Celebrating the 4th of July in Jackson, Wy

We all enjoyed the luxury of a slow morning today.  No jumping on the bike for Matt and I to ride to another town, no getting the car ready to follow us for Danica and Maggie, no racing to meet us in Jackson for Bob and Marilyn.  Everyone had the wonderful early morning blank stares where you had the joy of not having to do anything!  We all relaxed brewed the Peet’s coffee and dived into the wonderful cinnamon rolls that Danica and Maggie had picked up in Idaho Falls (I put my hand next to one so you could get an idea of the size). 

Fortunately for us the Jackson 4th of July parade didn’t start until 10:30a so it gave us plenty of “slow morning” time before we all got dressed and walked to the parade from the condo.  The parade weaved through town and because we’re in Wyoming there were quite a few horses, covered wagons, etc that you don’t usually see at the Danville Parade (although Brenda reports that this year’s Danville parade was very good).  It was strange for me to be away from my family on the 4th as that’s often a holiday we’re all together for in Tahoe.  I wouldn’t trade my trip for anything, but I definitely had that moment of wishing I was with Brenda, Amy, Eric and Sarah (my wife and 3 children).  Fyi, my family will get a huge kick out of this as I’m the “Parade Scrooge” of the family.  After the parade we walked around the town square and then headed over to Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream for milkshakes…they were so good!  We then each went our own way as Bob and Marilyn strolled in and out of art galleries, Danica and Maggie are checking out downtown and I’m sure will end up at the Million Dollar Cowboy bar.  Matt and I walked around downtown and then worked our way back to the condo to catch up on the Tour de France and other less important things.  unfortunately (but understandable) the fireworks planned for tonight (which are supposed to be incredible) have been cancelled due to the high fire danger.  We need Brenda here to give us her own version of fireworks with a grand finale (family inside joke which if you see Brenda ask her to demonstrate).

I thought that since today was an off day and there was less to write about I’d provide a recap of the “Word of the Day”.  Part of the idea behind the word of the day is a word(s) that when Matt and I see, immediately produces a mental image or experience from that day.

Day 1: Tailwind – our first day riding and we had this incredible tailwind for 70 miles.  Little would we know that the tailwind would reappear for us so frequently.

Day 2: Fox Hat – how can we ever forget walking into the coffee shop in Old Sac with Greg Grant and seeing the man dressed up with a fox on his head.

Day 3: Donner – The day was all about Donner.  Climbing Donner Pass road, the Donner Party due to the rain we encountered and descending to Donner Lake.

Day 4: Bryan – Matt’s brother-in-law Bryan Hoadley (the Angel of the Desert) who came and paced us for 155 miles through the desert.

Day 5: Getting Ready – We thought we’d have a nice relaxing day at the cabin in Tahoe.  Instead we ended up taking care of all those last minute details and a lot of anticipation for leaving for our trek across America.

Day 6: Twenty Two – Rode 128  miles on Interstate 80, had a big tailwind and averaged 22 mph.

Day 7: Breakfast Burrito – Carlin, NV stopped and had these incredible breakfast burritos and milkshakes.

Day 8: Star Valley Road – After days on 80, finally got off and rode on a beautiful country road by the Ruby Mtns. Our first glimpse of what we envisioned our trip to be like.

Day 9: Relief – 68 miles on Hwy 93 and so glad to have survived.

Day 10: Green – Miles and miles of farmland in contrast to the days we’d spent in the Nevada desert.

Day 11: Dollar Bill – Fun at the Blue Moon Bar in Lava Hot Springs and left our mark hanging our signed dollar bill on the wall.

Day 12: Potato – Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, ID.

Day 13: Teton’s – After years of thinking about riding over the Teton’s it was everything we could have hoped for and more.  We’ll never forget going over Teton Pass.

Day 14: Rest – After 2 weeks we had our first real day of rest, which was throughly enjoyed.

Happy 4th of July from Jackson, WY.

Marilyn, Bob and Danica at the parade:

Old West parade…

Downtown Jackson celebrating the 4th.

Statue in the middle of the town square.  Love these small town squares.  Can’t wait to see more.

The gang at the Antlers: Bob, Danica, Maggie, Marilyn, Chris and Matt:

Local transportation…

Enjoying our milkshakes and ice cream.

Is this where Danica and Maggie will end up tonight?!?

Can someone please explain this sign to us???

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating the 4th of July in Jackson, Wy

  1. Wendy Gordillo

    What an amazing journey! Love reading your stories and seeing the pictures. Seeing the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole again through your eyes took me down memory lane. Thank you for sharing your jouney! Loving every minute!

    • Wendy,

      Glad we are able to share this with you. It’s been an incredible experience so far. I wish everyone could see the Tetons at some time in their life. They are simply awe inspiring. All the best,


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