Waiting for Santa…

Today felt a little like Christmas for Matt and myself.  Not only were we excited for getting to ride Yellowstone but we were also anticipating the arrival of one of the original 4 fat guys to join us.  A little like Santa, our good friend John Hansen was making a magical trip to visit us and he arrived in a red suit.  We followed Santa’s sleigh (OK John’s motorcycle) on his GPS tracker much like many of you have been following our progress with GPS.  So right now you’re probably thinking Motorcycle?

You can only imagine the looks we go ton the road!  Any of you who know our friend John, knows that he’s always up for a challenge and the idea of figuring out how to bring his road bike on his motorcycle to come ride with us was right up his alley.  For Matt and I it meant a lot that John was willing to drive 1100 miles on his motorcycle just to ride with us a few days.  Seeming to for reward John for his effort to ride with us, the morning fog and clouds cleared as we prepared to ride from where we left off yesterday in Grand Teton National Park through Yellowstone towards the east gate a planned 54 mile ride. 

We’ve all heard the expression “a picture is worth a 1000 words”.  Today that is the perfect quote.  So I’m going to keep the blogging to a minimum (plus we just opened the second bottle of wine) and show a few more pictures from today.  A few highlights we’re the three of us riding together, following the Lewis River, the West Thumb Geyser Basin at Yellowstone Lake, riding around Yellowstone Lake and just the overall unbelievable beauty of today’s ride.  Finally, while riding this part of our trip, we’ve started to encounter quite a few other cross-country bike riders.  We met one such guy named who was taking 53 weeks to ride through all 50 states and had his dog with him.  While some of you may think that Matt and I are a little nuts for riding across America, this guy was truly nuts!

The weather could not have been better today.

Matt, Chris and John enjoying the drive to our starting point.

Nice picture Matt!

Starting our Day 16 ride at Flagg Ranch.

Riding to Yellowstone.

John, Chris and Matt overlooking the Lewis River.

Lewis River.  The fire that went through her occured in 1988 and you can see the new growth coming back.

Sporting the Clif jersey’s at Lewis Falls

Crossing the Continental Divide for the first time!

John and Chris and the Continental Divide.

Entering Yellowstone Park…Hey Boo Boo!

West Thumb Geyser Basin at Yellowstone Lake

Having fun at the geyser’s

John and Chris cruising along

Waiting as Matt takes some more great pictures

Lake Yellowstone…not as big as Tahoe, but still fun to ride around.

Matt did a great job taking pictures today.

So between Matt, John and Bob we have 45 pictures of this Buffalo who has by the SAG vehicle when we ended our ride today.  Here’s just a sampling:

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7 thoughts on “Waiting for Santa…

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Lynda Hansen

    Spectacular scenery! Love the photos!!

  3. paul hurdlow

    Nice buffalo!

  4. Jerry Hansen

    Jerry, Mandy, Brynn, and Alexandra Hansen just landed from Italy and Turkey in time to wish they were in Yellowstone too! Grandma wants Santa to bring Jerry a new bike!

  5. Lynn Hanks

    Awesome pictures. What an amazing experience!

  6. Jeff and Jo

    Amazing pictures guys! The vidoes were terrific too. Thanks for being so diligent about writing as it has become an evening ritual for the Crocker family to gather around the computer and catch-up on your events of the day. Matt, should I show one of the videos for your check-in at Vistage this month? All the best, Jeff and Jo

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