When you’re riding around 500 miles a week and on the move everyday you quickly start to cherish the days off.  That’s not to say Matt and I don’t want to ride the days we have planned to ride.  In fact, each morning we have an excitement about what our adventure is going to bring us that day.  But when we have a rest day and don’t have to coordinate the rendezvous with support drivers, pack the car, get on the road early before the day heats up, etc, it feels very decadent to have a slow day.  There’s nothing like the joy of being able to spend a day putzing.  For those of you wondering what the heck I’m talking about here’s the definition from the Urban Dictionary: fooling around aimlessly messing around or about tooling around.

We spent the morning drinking our Peet’s coffee (the supply is starting to get low) while watching the first mountain stage of the Tour de France.  We then did laundry, reviewed our schedule for the next week, caught up with family members and enjoyed do nothing in a hurry.  Matt, John and I then drove over to Teton Village and had fun just walking around on a wonderful summer day.  We had beers and buffalo burgers at the Mangy Moose and then stumbled upon a classic car auction.  Fun to have no plans and just let the day unfold.    We then headed back and stopped at the bike store for a few supplies.  Matt then gave the bikes a washing and tune-up to get them ready for the next 1,000 miles while I booked our hotel rooms for the next week.  What we’ve found is that we don’t want to book the rooms too far out in case we have to adjust our schedule or route, yet as summer travel season heats up we need to make sure we can get a room in every town.  It’s pretty funny though when you look at the hotel options in places like Ten Sleep, WY or Newcastle, WY and there are two choices.  When I made our reservations and asked for a confirmation number they said they don’t do confirmation numbers and they’d know when we rode into town (probably the gossip network would be in full force about two strange guys in spandex).  When I asked the owner of the Carter Inn where would be a good place to eat she said we should go to the Ten Sleep Saloon.  Now does that sound Old West or what!  Better take off the bike shorts and put on the jeans that night!

Our plans tonight were to walk down the road to a bike race/festival/live music happening, but we’ll see if that happens.  About 30 minutes ago a huge thunderstorm rolled in and it’s pouring right now.  Tomorrow John is going to leave us and drive to Boise, ID to see his son Jaymes while Matt and I will drive back to the east end of Yellowstone to resume our ride from where we left off and ride 70 miles to Cody, WY.  FYI, Cody has a rodeo EVERY night at 8p during the summer so that’s where we’ll be tomorrow night.  Thanks again for all your support and here’s a few photos from our day of putzing…

Matt and John enjoying a summer day at Teton Village.

Great lunch spot in Teton Village

The Mangy Moose…

We’re already making plans to come back during ski season…

There was a fun classic car auction going on in Teton Village.  We held John back from bidding on another car.

Maybe we could drive one of these across America.

Getting the bikes ready for the next 1,000 miles.

Went to the bike shop in Jackson and they had this custom bike that you in essence surfed down the road on.  John almost bought it…

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3 thoughts on “Putzing….

  1. Something tells me that you would be coming home with a lot more souvenirs if John was on this trip the whole time.

  2. Lynda Hansen

    Thank you for restraining John on more car and bike purchases! Our garage is pretty full already!
    safe travels

  3. Sue Gorgen

    You deserved a day off!! Glad that you had fun. What an adventure you are having……this blog could translate into a book for guys like you. 🙂

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