Cycling with the Buffalo!

As Matt and I were riding out the East entrance of Yellowstone on the way to Cody, WY today we came across these Buffalo.  When there’s nothing between you and them except your bike they seem much bigger!

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9 thoughts on “Cycling with the Buffalo!

  1. Kim Peterson

    Facts about Buffalo – In case you were curious!!

    What is the difference between a buffalo and a bison?
    The terms are largely interchangeable. Except on a biology test. Technically, what we have in the United States is bison. Buffalo are what they have in Africa (the African Cape Buffalo) and in Asia (the Asian Water Buffalo). But it is still a buffalo nickel.

    How much does a buffalo weigh?
    At birth a buffalo calf weighs about fifty pounds. A full grown adult bull can weigh around 2000 pounds.Cows (female buffalo) average around 1,000 pounds

  2. Awesome! I saw a squirrel on my ride today 🙂

  3. bmcsharry

    They don’t seem very impressed with you and Matt – or the cars. Great video!

  4. John Hansen

    Did Matt get any photos of the bison?

  5. Pete Hamill

    I get jittery is the car when one of them is close. Glad they didn’t think that you were a problem

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