Home on the Range

Man did the scenery ever change today!  We went from the forests of Yellowstone to the plains and prairies of Wyoming.  The temperature increased to the low 90’s and there were few places to find shade.  Matt and I left Cody in an attempt to complete our riding for the day before the temperatures became too hot.  Fortunately we were able to ride the 107 miles in a little over 5 hours (20 mph average) so he arrived in Ten Sleep, WY by 2:30p.

However, before we get to more details about today let me tell you what Bob did to me.  My Father-in-Law Bob who is driving the support vehicle with my Mother-in-Law Marilyn (what great in-laws I have) put the song Home on the Range in my head last night.  We told me about seeing antelope on the golf course in Cody and it made him think of the line “where the deer and the antelope play”.  The problem developed today when we rode 107 miles across Wyoming prairie land and I couldn’t get that song out of my head.  So by now I’ve done the same to all of you that Bob did to me.  Of course you don’t have to spend over 5 hours on the bike trying to get it out of your head!

Matt and I were both feeling pretty good and after a short climb out of Cody we had a nice slight downhill ride to our planned lunch stop in Basin, WY which was 60 miles into our ride.  Now when you find a store that can repair your broken glass, sell you auto parts, make a burger or sandwich, sell you packaged liquor and have a drive-thru you know you’re in small town USA.

Today’s there was no big exciting event or site like we’d had for the past week.  It was closer to being back in Nevada although there was enough variation in Terrain to make it enjoyable.  By now you know that one of our guilty pleasures is finding a good milkshake when we can.  We met up with Bob and Marilyn about 86 miles into the ride for fresh water and then told them we’d meet them in our destination town of Ten Sleep and could they find a place that made milkshakes.  You can only imagine what was on our mind as we clicked off those final miles for the day.

We arrived at our hotel, showered and then rushed over to Dirty Sally’s (she didn’t look or seem that dirty to me) for fantastic Huckleberry milkshakes!  One thing that we’ve also learned on this trip is that the support drivers are having a tough time hanging with us.  Matt and I are eating quite a bit as we work to replenish all the calories we’re losing each day.  The support drivers aren’t burning quite as many calories so when we keep inviting them for milkshakes, order appetizers at dinner, eat a big breakfast , etc it’s tough for them to see us eat basically anything we want and for them to watch what they eat.  Tougher than you thought being a support driver!  While we were enjoying our milkshakes a mis 20’s woman walked in with bike gear on and ordered one too. We got to talking to her and she was with a group of 27 young adults riding to raise money for Young Adults with Cancer.  They were riding from Baltimore to Seattle and had just come from Buffalo, WY which is where we ride tomorrow.  It was fun to compare stories with her and pass on knowledge about where each of us had been.

Tonight Matt, Bob, Marilyn and myself all walked (all 2 blocks of it) into town for dinner.  Bob learned that he wasn’t in Blackhawk anymore when he ordered a “Top Shelf” margarita and our server stared at him with a blank face and then asked what “Top Shelf” was.  He then corrected his order to their “best” margarita and it was and soon Matt and Marilyn were joining him with the “best” margaritas the Ten Sleep Saloon has to offer.  We had GREAT ribs at the Ten Sleep Saloon and then found this sign on the history of Ten Sleep:

Tomorrow we start the morning with a 30 mile climb over the Bighorn mountains on the Powder River Pass which is at 9,666 feet.  It’s the highest elevation we climb and the last of the big mountain ranges of the West we go over.  Here’s a few more pictures from today:

Leaving Cody

No more forest to keep us cool.

The long and winding road.

On the road again…

Smallest population sign we’ve seen so far.  Otto, WY.

Wyoming farmer working in his field.  These farmers sure work hard!

Felt like the Tour de France.  Marilyn cheering us on with the cowbell!

Love the contrast between the farmland and the hills.

While Montana is the “Big Sky” state, it’s not too bad in Wyoming.

The gang getting ready for dinner and drinks at the Ten Sleep Saloon.

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15 thoughts on “Home on the Range

  1. David Brown

    I’m hooked. The daily blogs make my day. As a fellow Danville/Blackhawk guy who just finished his first century ride, I hang on your every word and photo and yearn for my daily fill. Keep it coming!

  2. Brenda

    Ok. Here’s what I want to know…. Gaining or losing weight? and… Do they have milkshakes at Ragbraii?

  3. Sue Gorgen

    You guys make my day….every day! Loved the buffalo video……keep it all coming…..be safe and have fun!

  4. Paul Hurdlow

    I love it when you guys rock the Tour de Tahoe jersey!

  5. Mima

    Enjoying your adventures!

  6. hallie grossman

    Your blog is so much fun to read! Did you happen to pass the dog-mobile yesterday? Cooper was on his second day of driving from Chicago to Boise.
    rats! Home on the Range is now stuck in my head…..

  7. Maggie Murdock

    So glad to see the cowbell is being put to use, yay Marilyn! I miss being out there with you, but I’m happy to be on my bike working off some of those support crew calories. Have fun 🙂

  8. Ginny Mitchell

    Reading your blog sure makes me feel like I’m seeing this beautiful country right along with you guys. Now every time I order a milkshake it will make me think of you two. Enjoy!!

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