A whole lot of nothing…

Well everyday can’t be the best day ever.  The good news is that Matt and I still have our weather bubble following us around.  It hit the mid 90’s by this afternoon and then the thunder showers rolled in, but we were done riding by noon so we were fine.  It’s supposed to rain quite a bit tonight and stop by 8a which is good because it will drop the temps about ten degrees tomorrow although we expect it to be a little more humid.  As for the not so good news, all you who have been commenting on all the wonderful scenic photos…well here’s the scenic photo for the day:

Hope you enjoyed it as we rode for 3 hours and 27 minutes, saw that creek for 1 minute and saw this for 3 hours and 26 minutes:

As Matt said, to have good wine you need to have good grapes.  Well to have stunning scenic photos it helps to have good scenery.  Fortunately today’s ride was easy as we only had 69 miles and 2,433 feet of climbing.  As a result we were able to keep a good 20 mph pace and enjoyed be done for the day so early.  We left Buffalo at 8:15 this morning, rode about 20 yards and immediately stopped to take the picture below.  Being from the Bay Area in California we were not familiar with this type of custom store.  Matt is thinking perhaps he can get the franchise for the Bay Area.

We also had a changing of support drivers as Bob had to fly to Wash DC on business so Marilyn was on her own with us today.  Marilyn’s sister Linda flew in this afternoon just in time to join us at the Rockpile Museum and will stay with us the next couple of days.  So right about now you’re think Rockpile Museum and are wondering if we saw Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble?!?  But before I tell you about the Rockpile Museum I need to tell you a little about Marilyn and Linda.  These are two sisters who egg each other on and if they had been your daughters would have kept you always sleeping with one eye open.  So let me give you an example from day one from the simple job of going to a gas station.  They’re at the gas station and they see a rancher with a truck and trailer.  Being the inquisitive type they are they ask the rancher what’s inside the trailer.  We tells them it’s a bull and before you know it they’re climbing on the side of the trailer to see the bull.  Again, being the inquisitive type, they ask the rancher why the pull is in the trailer and he tells them he’d just taken the bull to the vet.  Again, being the inquisitive type they ask why the bull had to go to the vet.  Apparently then the rancher rather sheepishly said that it’s because the bull had a ruptured penis.  Again being the inquisitive type this led to many more questions: how did it happen?, did it hurt the bull?, how big is it? will the bull be OK? what are they going to do with the bull, etc.  So a simple filling of the gas tank led to some poor rancher explaining all about a ruptured bull penis to two not so western ladies.  Should be an interesting next couple of days.

So now back to the Rockpile Museum…certainly not as colorful as the bull story.  According to Trip Advisor there is only one thing to do in Gillette, WY and that is going to the Rockpile Museum http://www.ccgov.net/departments/museum/ .  So it got its name from a huge pile of rocks at the museum and here’s the background: The Rockpile has been a landmark in Gillette for many years. The first four settlers in Gillette centered their claims on this site. Legend has it that when travelers came from the west the Rockpile would let them know when they had arrived in Gillette.  No Fred, no Barney just a pile of rocks.  They did have a nice Western museum that had all kinds of tools, guns, equipment, etc from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. 

After the museum Matt and I decided to go relax and see a movie (first theatre we’ve seen in sometime).  We all then got together and had an amazing mexican dinner.  Between asking the locals where to eat and checking Trip Advisor we haven’t gone wrong yet!  Here’s a few photos from today and I mean a few as there wasn’t much to take pictures of.

Goodbye Buffalo, WY and those great huckleberry milkshakes!

Lunch and milkshakes at Pokey’s BBQ in Gillette.

almost every place we’ve eaten has had dead animals on the wall. Pokey’s had the added attraction of a knife collection!

Linda, Chris and Marilyn at the Rockpile Museum.  And yes, that is the world-famous rockpile in the background.  Don’t you wish your town had one…

Matt and Chris taking a silly picture for my nephew’s.


Enjoying the margaritas at Los Compadres in Gillette, WY.

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10 thoughts on “A whole lot of nothing…

  1. Now that you have all met my mom and aunt you might understand me a little better ha ha. I don’t know Chris and Matt’s excuse, (ie their pictures playing at the museum). 😉

  2. Amy Dittmore

    This is not the last that you will be seeing of that picture of you on the horse. I’m putting that one in my back pocket! 🙂

  3. hallie grossman

    Yes, Brenda~ Now I see where you get your curiosity and love of life! You would have been asking all about the bull, too!

  4. sherry langley

    I sit here and am just Lmao.. I guess I have never really thought about what someone’s view of our everday life is like.. But I sure see it now with your views as you travel into our neck of the woods.. so to speak .. Can not wait for you all to comment on the black hills, a town called pringle , and of course my town of Hot Springs. I recommend a place called the dew drop inn here in Hot Springs for a pretty good shake and great burgers.. for pizza if that is your liking I recommend bumpers.. Or if you want a nice sit down place for dinner I recommend woolys next to the mammoth site.. And yes real mammoth’ s have been found here in a tar pit.. lol. Now that would give the ladies something to talk about.. Enjoy your ride here and will see you guys sometime Saturday.. Be safe .. Look out for buffalo going through custer state park and wind cave park.. Yes the do roam wild and go wherever they want to within the parks..

  5. Donna

    Okay, I have to say , this was the funniest entry yet. I laughed so hard and then I saw the pictures through my glazed over eyes! Yes, we do have a “rock pile” but they call it “Rock City” over by Mt.Diablo!! Good bull story. Keep them coming and I have always loved Brenda “just the way you are”. Never wondered how you got that way…never change!(not that you could at this point, right?)

  6. Glenda Thornton

    Too funny! The bull story was good, but from the description of Brenda’s mom and aunt provided by Chris, I have a feeling the bull story would be hysterical if written up by the two ladies. Just a thought! And Chris, I think that you need to update your fb photo – the one of you “riding” the horse, maybe????

  7. Cliff

    What movie did you see? I would guess options might be limited in Gillette, WY. The boys will love the pic of you in the conductor hats with the train.

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