1,500 miles!

Moorcroft, WY – 1,500 miles of our ride across America are completed!

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19 thoughts on “1,500 miles!

  1. Danica

    HOLY CRAP that’s a a lot of miles! Keep up the good work boys. Do you need Brenda to bring more butt cream?

  2. Paul Hurdlow

    It’s going by TOO FAST! I want it to last longer. Can’t wait until you guys get on RAGBRAI — I’m putting in my prediction that week is the high point of the trip…

  3. sherry langley

    Congrats. You guys are awesome …. Only 1499 more then id do at one time .. Lmao .

  4. Great milestone so to speak. Congratulations.

  5. Buff Collins

    Congrats to you both! I’m so loving your blog. Your trip/travels are inspiring!

  6. Melissa

    Congratulations guys! What is on that steer or longhorn or whatever it is?

  7. Wowie, you are speedy cyclists AND prolific posters! Not only have you covered a lot of ground, but you’ve almost written a book! What great adventures piling up into one amazing journey. I’ve been out of the loop for three weeks, and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with you! Love your stories, photos, and buffalo videos! Keep pedaling and keep on writing those great posts. Happy trails!

  8. Jim Guinn

    You Guys must be eating a lot of beef in that part of the country. I can tell you two like the milkshakes!
    Congratulations, 1,500 miles is about all I can put on in a year!

  9. Marcy Vanderlip

    Congratulations on 1500! I’m really enjoying your blogs.

  10. Lynda

    Nice going guys!

  11. Jan Godfrey in Tucson.

    We are so enjoying reading about your adventures every day, you both are doing such a great job and seem to be enjoying every minute of your trip. Your pictures of the scenery in the Tetons were spectacular and so vivid. So glad you are having such good weather and that the bubble is staying with you. Good Luck for the rest of your wonderful journey.

  12. Hallie

    Wow, 1500 miles! Congratulations guys! Was that bull similar to the bull at the gas station? (:

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