The Best Town on Earth?!?

Are Matt and I ever fortunate that we routed our trip through Upton, WY.  When approaching Upton, there is not one BUT two signs declaring it the “Best Town on Earth”.

You can only imagine our excitement as we rode into town waiting to discover what made it “The Best Town on Earth”!  Our minds raced with the possibilities have what had caused Upton, WY to have this prestigious title.  We rode past the signs and came to Old Town Upton…maybe this was it:

Matt thought he’d take a closer look to see if there was something there that made this “The Best Town on Earth”

We then went to Wikipedia and Trip Advisor to see what we were missing and this was all we found: Attractions: Upton is home to The Red Onion Museum which features work from local artist Dave Paulley. Old Town offers a glimpse of pioneer times with buildings relocated from the original townsite.  So having searched high and low and not finding what made it the “Best Town on Earth” I did a little research when we were done riding for the day to find out that the title and sign actually date back to the early 1900’s to promote the town.  Even back then the claim was viewed as presumptuous.  If you have 5 minutes you might enjoy reading more:

You know you’ve been riding a lot when a 78 mile day is one of the easiest days we’ve had.  We’re certainly reaping the rewards of all the training we did.  The weather was mild with the wind at our back (do we keep getting lucky or what?) and only 1,417 feet of climbing.  We rolled out of Gillette at 8:15 and were 30 miles down the rod in Moorcroft in less than 1.5 hours to celebrate our reaching the 1,500 mile mark on the trip.  We then rode along to Upton racing the trains and antelope along the way.  We’re in coal country and saw quite a few trains some of which were over a mile long.  Imagine what a bummer it would be to have to wait on one of those at a railroad crossing.  We finished the ride in Newcastle, WY a little after noon and had ridden the 78 miles in 3:36, an average of 21.7 mph.  There is literally NOTHING to do in Newcastle, WY so we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at our hotel catching up on email, work, trip planning, etc.  We then met Marilyn and Linda for dinner and they had scouted out a great local italian restaurant.  It had these great fresh salads with homemade dressing, homemade bread and pasta.  Every bite was wonderful and we couldn’t believe our continued good fortune in find these great local restaurants.

Finally, if you haven’t already figured this out by now, I thought I’d clarify it for you.  If you enjoy one of the great scenic pictures I’ve included in this blog there’s about a 90% chance that Matt took it.  Matt has an eye for the right angle and the right light that make a great picture.  Now if you like one of the pictures that have people in it then chances are I took that picture.  It pretty funny as we ride down the road and Matt wants to stop for a great scenic picture and I’ll tell Matt to stop and move his bike over there (at an angle like I learned from Cindy) so I can take a picture of him.  Here’s a few picture from today:

New support driver Linda with us as we leave Gillette, WY.

However, before we left Matt and I enjoyed a nice relaxing morning at Starbucks.

We now have a new SMALLEST town we’ve ridden through – Rozet, WY

Our weather bubble continues to protect us. We were head straight for this storm and then about 5 miles before it we turned right!

This mother and baby Antelope raced along side me for about a mile.  Was kind of cool…

2nd hand laundry…really?!?

Our first Wall Drug sign :

Great dinner in Newcastle, WY

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9 thoughts on “The Best Town on Earth?!?

  1. “It never gets easier, you just go faster.” -Greg Lemand

  2. Sherry Langley

    As I find you getting closer to us I am still truly amused by all the comments you make about the places.. As they are places that I have been to more then once.. Funny how the little things in life can be such a highlight for the whole day.. But around here it is the little things in life that make it all worth while.. B
    e safe and will try to find you guys on Saturday.. As you make your way to my hometown.. Hot Springs bound.. Yea..

  3. Sherry Langley

    hey guys I was just looking at your route once you get into Hot Springs.. You will probably have to change that route as the bear turn off to the VA is closed.. So you might just want to go through town on North River street instead of going through 6th street..It will take you to the same place..Only you will hit downtown instead of the housing area and just the VA.. You can still get up to the VA but its just a different route ..there will be signs on No. River street if you are interested.. It’s the marker #37 on the route from Custer, South Dakota to Chadron, Nebraska.. Oh yea can not wait to hear what you have to say about the trip once you leave Hot Springs on your way to Chadron..

    • Sherry: We were thinking of stopping by the Mammoth site in Hot Springs. Is this a worthwhile place to see?

      • sherry langley

        Yes it is very interesting.. they have recently found another one also. Amazing that they are finding so many there.. in one small area.

  4. Cindy

    Just another reason you guys compliment each other so well for this type of trip … photos of both scenery and people are necessary :)! Keep on clickin’ And Matt take a few more photos of Chris riding his bike, not just s wooden horse 🙂

  5. Larry Olivere

    You guys look great! Cannot wait to hear the stories. Larry

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