The 5 Headed Hill

So I’m taking a little literary license, but today we visited the Crazy Horse monument and Mt. Rushmore.  Between them there are 5 heads (Crazy Horse, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln) and they are located about 10 miles apart in the Black Hills of South Dakota, so hence today’s title.  As you can see the Crazy Horse monument has quite a ways to go before completion and has been in the works since 1948 and dwarfs Mt. Rushmore. .  We enjoyed touring both sites quite a bit and the stories of the vision and building of them is facinating.

By the way the photo below is what you can end up with when you ask a random tourist to take your picture in front of Mt. Rushmore.  I should have known not to ask the guy in the Harley tank top.  Nice picture of Matt and I but not so much of Mt. Rushmore…

Before we began our sightseeing Matt and I enjoyed a wonderfully slow morning.  We repacked our bags and equipment for the next few weeks, caught up on email, made hotel reservations for the next week, checked the weather forecast (going to be in the 100’s) and decided we better start earlier each day and took care of a little work.  We finally left Custer around Noon and went the few miles up the road to the Crazy Horse monument.  From there it was a short drive to Mt. Rushmore.  I should point out that the Black Hills of South Dakota are beautiful and a perfect place for such spectacular monuments.  We then were to pick up my friend Ed Brown in Rapid City at 6p and had a little time to kill.  Matt suggested we go to the South Dakota Air and Space Museum at Ellsworth AFB.  We had a great time walking amongst all the vintage aircraft and touring the museum.  A couple of personal stories came out of our visit.  First our good friend Brad Blackwell had lived there when his father was stationed at Ellsworth and we went by Brad’s old high school.  Next, Matt came across a B83 Thermonuclear Bomb (warhead was removed) that had been designed and built at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab where both my father and father-in-law had worked and were involved with.

As we went to pick up Ed we noticed that it was 104 outside further motivating us to get an early start for our 90 mile ride tomorrow to Chadron, NE.  We picked up Ed and then had dinner in Custer before having one final piece of Bumbleberry Pie at the Purple Pie Place.  Nothing particularly exciting today, just enjoyed seeing the sights of the area.  Here’s a few photos from today:

Model of Crazy Horse sculpture of what monument is to look like if ever completed.

State flags leading to Mt. Rushmore

 B29 Bomber at South Dakota Air and Space Museum at Ellsworth AFB.

Matt with B1B Bomber.  Incredible how big it was.

Chris the fighter pilot.  I’d like this photo to replace the one of me on the wooden horse at the Rockpile Museum.

Matt and the Missle.

We had a great time at the air museum

My good friend Ed Brown from Omaha joined us for the next 2 weeks.  Hope he likes milkshakes!!!

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3 thoughts on “The 5 Headed Hill

  1. john hansen

    Go easy on the motorcycle photographer, he was probably just drunk. Brenda’s bike is packed, tighten the shifters and the new front tire has the existing tube. (rear is new)

    Nice photos


    Hi Guys, We like the Top Gun version of Chris better than the Howdy Doody one too. We appreciate your diligence regarding the blog. It has become a ritual at the Crocker house to gather around the computer and catch-up on the events of your day. Love the pictures and videos. Matt, would you like me to show one of the videos as your check-in at Vistage this month? All the best, Jeff and Jo

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