2000 Miles!


Matt and I just completed 2,000 miles of our ride across America in Springfield, SD.

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9 thoughts on “2000 Miles!

  1. Catey

    Congratulations guys!! It has been really fun following you. You’re doing a great job with the blog. I’m not doing any fun summer vacations this year so I am living vicariously through yours. Keep up the great work on the blog and on the road.

  2. Juli Lorton

    Woot! (as they’d say in the Lorton household! 🙂

  3. Glenda Thornton

    Congrats to you both!!

  4. hallie grossman

    Wow! Congratulations!!!

  5. Gail Bennigson

    Keep it up!! Hopefully with no more grasshoppers. ..

  6. Congrats guys – that’s awesome! I imagine your helmet straps are a little on the crusty side by now!

  7. Sherry Langley.. Hot Springs .. South Dakota

    Congrats guys.. Well I have been reading your post now for a while and just want to say thank you for letting me be a part of this adventure that you are both on.. I tried to find you guys when you were in Hot Springs and am glad that you enjoyed the mammoth site.. I had hoped I did not steer you wrong there.. Some find it boring.. I find it fascinating..Ok now onto the I almost told you so about the rest of your adventures when leaving Hot springs into nebraska.. Yea not much of a view.. And I have a pic of me by that same sign.. The middle of nowhere… So know exactly where you have been and which route you had taken.. Been there done that just in a different set of wheels.. Anyways I will continue to follow you guys until the adventure ends for you guys.. Happy Riding and be Safe.. Thanks for all the laughs too..

  8. Mima

    Awesome AND you’re still smiling!

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