Morning stop


Rode 40 miles to Verdigre. Stopped at the Verdigre Bakery, the Kolache Capital of the World (according to their town sign) for Kolache’s and coffee. Going to be a HOT one today!

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6 thoughts on “Morning stop

  1. Mima

    What is a kolache?

  2. Mary Anna (Matt's Mom and former SAG driver)

    I remember this from 1994. Friends who had read Dick’s book where this bakery is mentioned visited it a couple of years ago on their way back from Wisconsin. Now more will know about the Verdigre Bakery…great picture.

  3. Jeff Evert

    Chris – 30 miles east of Sioux City, Iowa are the unbelievable cities of Dixon and Laurel. My Grandfather worked a farm there for 50 years, and my mother was born and raised there. God’s country. Don’t blink or you will miss it. – Jeff Evert

    • Linda Maxson

      The kolaches rule at Jerabeks in St. Paul but they are always out of poppy seed. Al is in the car dreaming of Verdigre.

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