Let the craziness begin!

Are we ever in for a change!

We spent the first 30 days of our bike ride across America riding mostly riding alone or with one other guest rider.  Tomorrow that all changes!  It was of things were you need to be here to see it for yourself.  There are over 10,000 people of all shapes, sizes and ages and bikes of all shapes, sizes and ages preparing to ride the 471 miles across Iowa!  I’ve ridden RAGBRAI once before and I can’t wait for Matt and Brenda to experience it for the first time.

As I’ve mentioned before, Matt and I have come to treasure our slow mornings where we don’t have to be anywhere.  We enjoyed our coffee and paper lingering at the Brown’s house while Beth and Ed made us a wonderful breakfast (Thanks!).  We then spent the next few hours repacking, cleaning and tune-up the bikes.  It was so nice to be in a home instead of another Super 8 and we enjoyed hanging out in the family room visiting.  We left around 1:30p for our drive up to Sioux Center and the start of RAGBRAI.

Of course we had to stop on our way to Sioux Center in Le Mars for another Bob’s Dog and then over to Blue Bunny Ice Cream parlor.  Certainly Matt, Ed and I could have driven past, but Brenda hadn’t been so we thought it only right to stop on her behalf.  That’s just the kind of guys we are…

We then met Holly and Pete Hamill (my friends from Sheldon, IA) who are going to ride with us this week.  Pete is the one who introduced me to RAGBRAI 18 years ago and I’ve been determined to ride it again.  Holly on top of being a full-time mother, made all the housing and transportation arrangements for the week for all 7 of us (Chris, Matt, Brenda, Ed, Holly, Pete, Scott) which was a monumental task.  A HUGE thanks to Holly for all she’s done for us!!!  Tonight we staying at friends of Holly’s in Sioux City Jan & Randy.  WHich means instead of tents we all get beds and air mattresses!

Every night there’s a festival with beer garden, food booths, live music (Maggie you should have SAGed this section), equipment/clothing booths and basically 10,000 people having a great time.  We all took in the atmosphere and enjoyed the incredible people watching.  Ed, Pete, Holly and myself have all ridden RAGBRAI before and are excited for Matt, Brenda and Scott to experience it for the first time.  Now it turns out that Scott (a friend of Matt’s) will enjoy it a little later as his bike was not on his plane and now it doesn’t get in until midnight.  Matt’s going to wait for him in the morning and they should roll around 10a and then meet up with us at the end of the day.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the bike arrives tonight!

One final note for today’s blog, during RAGBRAI there will be limited internet access plus quite frankly I plan on enjoying the beer gardens and live music so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to blog this week.  More likely there will be short one photo updates I can do from my cell phone.

Found a Welcome to Iowa sign today so we stopped for a picture of our 7th state.

Ed about to enjoy a Bob’s Dog!

Couldn’t pass up another trip to Blue Bunny

The hardest part is choosing what flavor you want.  FYI, that’s a “single” scoop Brenda has.

Our Hosts Jan and Randy in Sioux Center.  Jan, Loren (Holly’s husband), Pete, Ed, Matt, Brenda and Randy.

One of the MANY team buses at RAGBRAI.

Brenda’s first ear of corn in Iowa.

Nothing like a foot long corn dog!  Holly’s boys about to attack!

Brenda’s inspiration for the week!

Just another RAGBRAI rider…

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3 thoughts on “Let the craziness begin!

  1. Marsha Adams

    Paula hooked me up with your blog, I have enjoyed reading about your adventure. Living on the prairie, I take seeing the expansive sky for granted, even though I do look at it many times a day to note the clouds–so it was interesting to get your perspective on that.

    I have been involved with but not ridden RAGBRAI, it is definitely something to behold. Be sure to get a meal from Mr. Pork Chop.

    Hugs to Holly and Pete!

  2. Egan Family

    Nothing better than the midwest in the summertime. Enjoy and be safe! xo

  3. Maggie Murdock

    Clearly I should have SAGed the entire ride! What a fantastic adventure.

    When Danica, Brenda and I do a RAGRBAI girls trip will you be our support staff??

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