Pancakes, Pie, Pork Chops and Turkey!

So by now you probably are aware of the theme of the day.  We all embraced the concept of eating our way across Iowa.  We started our day morning at 5:30a with our hostess Jan making us coffee and a wonderful egg dish to fuel us for the day.  Unfortunately, Matt’s friend Scott Cross who is going to join us for RAGBRAI had an issue with his bike and it didn’t arrive until midnight in Sioux City.  So I left with Ed, Brenda, Pete and Holly at 6:45a while Matt waited for Scott to arrive.  Matt and Scott were finally able to leave at 9:30a.  So while we didn’t ride together we hit all the same food stops and were all together at our host house in Cherokee, IA in the afternoon.

Since Matt waited 3 hours before riding, he and Scott stopped in Orange City for pancakes.  The rest of us restrained ourselves and rode to Alton for coffee and our first pie of RAGBRAI.  Now the riding in RAGBRAI is much different from what Matt and I have been doing.  We’ve been riding at 18-22 mph and clicking off the miles.  At RAGBRAI if you ride 15 mph you’re still passing hundreds of people every hour.  You really need to slow down, find your rhythm and enjoy all the people watching and wonderful food.

It’s simply impossible to capture all the people on the road at any one time in a picture.  As far as you can see it front of you or behind you are hundreds of cyclists.  It’s a nice change of pace from the riding Matt and I have been doing and a good break for us.

So as you saw from my blog posts today we had homemade pie, then great pork chops cooked on a corn cob fire.  We rode a few miles further and then had Tender Tom’s Turkey.  When I rode RAGBRAI 18 years ago with my good friend Ken Mozek, Tender Tom’s was our favorite.  Therefore, I made the group stop there and now Brenda and Ed are converts and want to go there everyday.  The first group of us finished at 1p and when we arrived at our host house they had cold drinks, homemade brownies and fruit waiting for us.

After showering and enjoying relaxing at the host house we went into Cherokee around 5:30p.  What every over night town has is multiple community fundraisers setup to serve various types of dinners.  Tonight we went to the senior center and had a nice dinner.  We then walked downtown and walked the booths and then ended up at a local bar where we could get draft beer and listen to a local musician.  We all had a good time and then of course stopped for ice cream on our way back to the house.  What a great first day!

Brenda getting branded as a “RAGBRAI Virgin”

Ed branding Matt as a “RAGBRAI Virgin”

Holly, Pete, Matt, Ed, Brenda and Chris.

8:13a morning coffee and pie!

Brenda soaking in the atmosphere of RAGBRAI.

We’re in the Dutch part of Iowa…

Gee which kind do I want?!?

Pooork Choooop!!!

Brenda using the Iowa restroom…

Cherokee welcoming the Fat Guys from Danville.

Enjoying the post ride festivities:

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5 thoughts on “Pancakes, Pie, Pork Chops and Turkey!

  1. Mima

    I’m gaining weight just reading these blogs!

  2. Ginny

    Biking, food and friends….can’ get better than that.

  3. hallie grossman

    What fun!!! It’s great to see Brenda in the pictures! So glad she is there safe and sound and thoroughly enjoying her virgin status in the RAGBRAI ride!

  4. Jill

    This reminds me of when I did the 3-day walk, 60 miles in three days, and gained weight! And Brenda, I’m not sure when I will be eating corn from Iowa again, after that potty picture.

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