Searching for Chris’s Cakes!

Today’s blog is going to be brief as everyone’s waiting on me for dinner and then we’re headed to a concert.  We had another fun day at RAGBRAI.  We spent the morning searching for Chris’s Cakes (the best pancake stop on RAGBRAI) and found it about 20 miles into the ride in Hanover.  We got a later start today finally leaving our host house and hosts Marlin and Sherry at 7:30a.  It must have been the cinnamon rolls and coffee they had for us that delayed us.  Anyway, we all enjoyed our breakfast stop at Chris’s Cakes and then rode about 45 minutes when Brenda saw a  sign for Root Beer Floats and was on a mission to get one.  Today’s mileage has longer as we rode 69 miles and it got HOT today as it was well into the 100’s.

We had a great lunch stop at Tender Tom’s again and then rode to Lakeview.  We’re actually staying 8 miles out-of-town in Sac City (the home of the World’s biggest Popcorn Ball) at a community center Holly found for us that has a pool and A/C which felt soooo good!  And of course we had another World’s Capital, this time it was Schaller, IA the Popcorn Capital of the World.  Like I said I need to be brief today, so here’s a few pictures.  Now it’s off to dinner, cold beer and live music…not a bad day!!!

The gang leaving Cherokee (Pete, Scott, Holly, Chris, Brenda and Matt)

OUr hosts Marlin and Sherry.  Thanks for such a great place to stay!

We found Chris’s Cakes!!!

Brenda having fun labeling Scott as a Ragbrai Virgin.

Matt applying pressure points to Holly to help her neck pain.  Gues what, it hurt like crazy but worked!

Brenda and Ed with their Root Beer Floats!

Brenda getting lasso lessons (FYI the boty in yellow was good!)

Matt and Chris with the Popcorn Queen for Schaller, IA the Popcorn Capital of the World!

Lunch stop…just a few bikes!

Matt and Chris witht he shirt Linda told us about. Nemaha, IA, notice the saying on the back of the shirt…

Matt, Ed, Pete, Holly and Scott with the World’s largest popcorn ball in Sac City, IA.

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2 thoughts on “Searching for Chris’s Cakes!

  1. Amy Dittmore

    All of these pictures of food are reminding me why I thought I wanted to do RAGBRAI in the first place!! I think it might be time for me to get back on that bike!

  2. Lynda Hansen

    Shall I send some alka selzer for the next stop?!?!?!
    sounds fun!!

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