What a difference a day makes!

Wow what a difference a day makes.  Today we had our longest mileage and biggest climbing of Ragbari and it turned out to be one of our easiest days.  Last night a decent size thunderstorm rolled in and cooled everything down quite a bit.  We were fine since we were staying in a house, but we all felt for the thousands of campers.  During the peak of the storm they were moved indoors due to the lightning.  When we started our ride today the temps were 10-15 degrees lower and the wind was from the West at our back.  Suddenly we were cruising along and we clicked off the 89 miles and 3,300 feet of climbing with little effort.

Since tomorrow is our shortest day with only 42 miles we’re planning to go down to the festivities which have the Counting Crows concert as the headliner.  Between the cool down in temp and the shorter mileage were not worried about getting an early start tomorrow which is a welcome change.  Also, as a result we’re all ready to leave for the evening so today’s blog will be a little shorter.

Of course we couldn’t go more than a few days without coming across another World Capital.  This one might take the title as most obscure.  We enjoyed lunch in Vinton, IA which is the Corn Canning Capital of the World.  Now don’t all at once book your trips to Vinton…

As Ragbrai reaches its final days Matt and I are starting to think about riding by ourselves again.  It’s going to be quite a change not to have other riders with us and great food every few miles.  On the other hand it will be fun to resume or trip and finish the final third of the trip.

This photo Matt took somewhat captures the riders of Ragbrai.  If you stood in the spot for 10 hours you’d see this steady stream of riders all 10+ hours.

Leaving Marshalltown…

We found more Kolaches!

Ragbrai restroom line…

The cheerleaders welcoming us to Vinton, IA…THE Corn Canning Capital of the World!

Brenda and Holly ready to go find lunch.

The gang and another Ragbrai decoration.

Can’t pass up a Beekman’s Homemade Ice Cream stop!

Gotta love the Makin Bacon Farm!

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2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes!

  1. Mary Anna (Matt's Mom and former SAG driver)

    More great experiences and memories. Glad it cooled off for you today and you got the tailwind.

  2. Jim Guinn

    Hmmm….makin bacon! I’ll put that on my to do list….

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