Ride like you stole it…

Isn’t it wonderful when you think it’s going to be a great day and it is!  That’s exactly what we all felt today.  Last night we went into Cedar Rapids and enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner and then went over to the Counting Crows concert.  We didn’t get back to the house until around 11:30p, but we didn’t mind because we had no early wake-up call.  With only 42 miles to pedal and much cooler temps, we didn’t plan on leaving until around 9p.

This morning our host Mark, who has a beautiful house, made us Starbucks coffee (he’s from Seattle) with bagels and fruit.  We spent the morning lingering around the kitchen table telling stories and then watch the video of the TV interview Matt and I did.  It was very nice not to be rushing out the door.  We finally started riding around 9a and we’re on the road for a few miles when we received a frantic phone call from Holly.  This morning Pete was going to ride with us and Holly was going to drive the SAG vehicle.  When Holly went to the car she didn’t have the keys and sure enough they were with us.  Fortunately our host Mark was nice enough to drive Holly to where we were so we could give her the keys.  So we had a little excitement to start the day.

We were all in a great mood (Brenda was even singing) as the temps had dropped to the low 80’s and we had such a short day.  Due to the shorter distance the riders were all condensed in a small space so it felt like the road was much more crowded.  We rode 17 miles into Mount Vernon for breakfast and decided to change things up today.  Instead of Chris’s Cakes we went to Breakfast Delights for great french toast, eggs and yogurt cup!

From there we kind of meandered on the road and then had a fun stop in Springfield.  As we went through town they were playing Toby Keith’s “Little Red Cup” and a number of riders were singing along.  There was such a different attitude with the riders today versus a couple of days ago when it was 105 and windy and everyone was in survival mood.  We saw quite a few unique clothing attire today.  Matt’s putting together a blog on them so you’ll have to wait for his post to see the pictures.

Just before we reached the final town of Anamosa we saw a sign for Grandma’s Pie which was all the marketing we needed to go give it a try.  Another day..another piece of pie and not our last.  When we reached Anamosa we still had a few hours until we could get into our host house.  So we parked the bikes and then joined a big street party and enjoyed a few beers and dancing in the streets (yes Amy and Sarah, I even danced with Mom).  The energy of the crowd was infectious and we all had a fun time.  Also, Anamosa had one of the more interesting themes “Ride Like You Stole It”.  They’re home to the state prison, hence the theme.

While we were there we had a couple come up to Matt and I and asked us if we were the guys they saw on TV who were riding across America.  Couldn’t believe they saw the segment on TV and then recognized us.  Of course, now that we’re celebrities (don’t laugh too hard) they wanted to take their picture with us.  Don’t worry, when Matt and I get home we’ll make sure we’re available for photo ops…

Before we left town we went to the Lutheran church for a great pork dinner and more pie!  Matt and I are very worried what we’re going to do next week when there’s not pancakes, ice cream, turkey, pies, pork chops, etc every few miles.  After dinner we rode a few miles outside of town to this wonderful old farmhouse we get to spend the night at.  We’ve had some fantastic homes we were fortunate to get to stay in on this trip and it’s kind of fun to end it stay in a farmhouse.  Here’s the pictures from today:

The gang with our host Mark in Cedar Rapids.

We’re in Iowa so a photo with the Iowa Hawkeye seemed appropriate

Breakfast stop in Mount Vernon

Never know when you’ll run into Elvis.

Scott couldn’t resist himself and had to take a turn on the slip-n-slide…

Ride Like You Stole It – Anamosa, IA

Nothing like a nice cold post ride beer!

Brenda and Holly doing the electric slide

Our last dinner together before we all go our own ways.

The road to the farmhouse we’re staying at.  Yes it’s a dirt road but we only had to ride 1/2 a mile on it.

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2 thoughts on “Ride like you stole it…

  1. Mima

    Not sure if it is your dominant blog topic or what but I have somehow gained 10lb. over the course of your adventure. Enjoy reading your blogs every day! (This is Gary…not Christi)

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