Old Fashioned Soda Fountain


Brenda found an old fashioned soda fountain for us to stop at in Amboy, Il. Here we are with the owners Wayne and Deanne of the Amboy Pharmacy. Not a bad way to wean ourselves off of RAGBRAI. The chocolate malt was sooo good!

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5 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Soda Fountain

  1. Mary Anna (Matt's Mom and former SAG driver)

    Looks like Brenda has quickly adjusted to her SAG driver role. Maybe SAG should also stand for Scout Advanbce andGofer

  2. I like both of these options. I think we’ll let Brenda pick!

  3. Louise Cowell

    Would love to see you guys when you get to Bowling Green. If you want a homecooked meal and homemade PIE after your long day riding on Saturday let me know. We only live 15 mins from Bowling Green.There is a nice Holiday Inn Express that people who visit us stay at. We only have 2 stop lights in our town and no hotels, but a great ICE CREAM SHOP called Speedtrap! I can also meet you before you take off for the day on Sunday at Grounds for Thought. Have fun in Indiana! I am in Indianapolis now!

  4. Amy Dittmore

    Alright, I’m clearly going to have to do A LOT of running if I hope to keep up with you guys when I come out. My stomach is hurting just thinking about it! (BTW, I’m getting VERY excited!!!)

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