Riding for Rox & Sean

One of the things that motivated me to ride my bike across the country now was a number of more recent experiences that reminded me just how precious and fleeting life and our health can be.  As we were preparing for yesterday’s ride, Brenda had found a memorial for the wars in the middle east in the small town of Marseilles, IL.  She thought it might be worth a visit.  I’m so glad she found this.  It was a beautiful morning and I was able to find the name of Sean Langevin on the Memorial.  Sean was the son of my longtime co-worker, Roxane Langevin, and I had known him since he was in middle school.  He was a terrific person who made the ultimate sacrifice on November 9th, 2007 in Afganistan in defense of our country.  I recognize that part of my ability to ride across this great nation is due to the sacrifice of people like Sean and it was great to see him remembered in such an unexpected place.



I found Sean’s name on the wall

Roxane also just returned back to work this week after battling breast cancer for the last several months and is doing well.  She has always been, and will always be a survivor!  Throughout our trip, there have been several organizations raising money and raising awareness about breast cancer and I bought a pink ribbon pin in Cherokee, IA as part of a fundraiser that I have been carrying on my bike.  It helps remind just how lucky and I and how precious life can be.  This ride is for Rox and Sean!!

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2 thoughts on “Riding for Rox & Sean

  1. Mary Anna (Matt's Mom and former SAG driver)

    How special that Brenda found this site for you and that such a wall exists for those who continue to serve and make the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Glad that Roxanne is doing well, too.

  2. Stella Nash

    What a beautiful tribute! Thanks, Matt!

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