Vacation within a Vacation!

Man we needed a vacation!  So about right now you’re thinking “what the heck…you’ve been on vacation for 42 days!”  This is true and it’s been an incredible trip, but how nice to get a couple of day’s break from the routine of packing and loading the car each morning, riding 80 miles, getting ready for the next day, etc.  We find ourselves at Winona Lake with 14 good friends and just relaxing on the lawn, drinking beer and throwing in a little boating.  It’s nice for Matt and I to be able to recover a little both physically as well as mentally before finishing the final 1,000 miles of our trip.

In addition to the friends from Danville, I had a great surprise today.  A very good friend of mine from Atlanta, Geoff Halsema, who I work with made the effort to come to the lake and surprise me.  I was walking out to the back patio and Geoff was standing there with Brenda and Matt.  It caught me totally by surprise and meant an awful lot to me for him to come all the way up here.  Sure it nice to have such great friends!

Enjoying visiting with my good friend Geoff.

After a nice slow morning we went out on the boat for a little water skiing.  I didn’t want to do anything stupid and hurt myself for the rest of my trip so I just skied for a little bit before watching the others.  We also had a couple of paddleboards and enjoyed cruising around the calm lake on them.  It’s incredible how relaxing it can be to just hangout at a lake!

Then it was time for Matt and I to go to our next media obligation.  The local Winona paper wanted to interview us about our trip and why we were stopping at Winona Lake.  First though we went to the Park Bakery for a wonderful lunch.  We then met up with Jennifer from the paper for our interview.  One of the questions that’s becoming quite tough to answer is what’s been your favorite place or day.  I mean we’ve had so many great days and so many incredible things we’ve experience it’s very difficult to narrow it down to a few much less one.

It’s also been a few days since we’ve had a milkshake so Brad took us to Sweet Treats Ice Cream for wonderful milkshakes!  Afterwards it was an afternoon of hangout with great friends, boating, playing Kan Jam and then all going out to dinner.  We had a delicious dinner and celebrates Jill Schratz’s birthday and then when got back to the houses we took the boats out on the lake for a moonlight swim.  The best part is that we get to do it all again tomorrow!!!

Enjoying hanging out…

Brenda enjoying not being on a bike or worrying about Matt and Chris

Taking abreak from cycling

Kathy and Mark showing us how to Paddleboard

Having fun on the lake!

Lunch out in Winona Village

Brad showing us where to get a great milkshake!

Ready for dinner. Laura, Christine, Kathy, Brenda, Buff, Lisa, Darlene and Jill

The gang after dinner

Matt enjoying night on the lake

Nothing like a moonlight swim!

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4 thoughts on “Vacation within a Vacation!

  1. David Brown

    What’s your favorite milkshake joint in Danville?

  2. Bridgett Halsema

    Geoff is my cousin and the reason that I found out about this adventure. Nice to see that he made a visit. Godspeed!

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