Gearing up…

It was a little strange to wake up and not be getting on the bike this morning.  Since we left on June 21st we’ve never had two consecutive days off the bike.  It felt like a real treat to give our bodies and rears in particular another rest day.  This morning Matt and I made Ebleskiver for the gang.  Ebleskiver is a Danish breakfast that I grew up with my Mom making and has become a Dittmore family tradition.

So good…

Matt cooking the sausage and bacon

After breakfast we all enjoyed good old-fashioned hangout time.  Nothing like a summer day on the lake to take it easy and relax.  Of course as Matt and I start to gear up for our departure tomorrow we find it a little hard to totally relax as we worked on the bikes, made hotel reservations, did laundry (thanks Brenda) and caught up on work.  It’s so nice to have a little slice of home during our trip.  We also reviewed the final weeks of our planned schedule and noticed that we never bike more than 4 days in a row with planned off days in Cleveland, Niagara Falls and Cooperstown before our arrival in Boston on August 19th.

We enjoyed our last night at the lake with a great BBQ, good wine, a trip to the ice cream shop and a Steve Benvenuto/John Grundel fireworks show!

Matt getting the bikes ready for the final 1,000 miles!

Life’s tough at Winona Lake…

Matt teeing it up in the long drive competition into the lake

Another great dinner!!!

Sunset on the lake.

Three days at the lake capped off with Fireworks!

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4 thoughts on “Gearing up…

  1. Cathy Stojanovich

    Hi Matt & Chris,
    We are enjoying following your blog on a daily basis. Six years ago we drove across the United States and back and covered just under 12,000 miles in six weeks so just reading about your adventures brings back lots of memories of our trip. Of course driving in a car is a heck of a lot easier then doing it the way you are but you’re seeing a lot more of the ‘real’ countryside compared to what we saw from the freeways. It is such a wonderful thing that you are doing and making memories that will last a lifetime. Matt, I’m sure your Dad is enjoying reading your daily blog but at the same time I’m sure he wishes he was doing it again, along with you. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you on this fabulous achievement. Enjoy the last couple of weeks and be safe! Cathy & Al Stojanovich
    PS: The pictures you’ve posted along the way have been great, too!

  2. Good to see you get to take a nice break too!

  3. Carl Canaparo

    OK Chris, you got me salivating, I want the recipe for Ebleskiver.

    Better yet, I want you to make them for me when you guys get back. In in fact, if you ever do get back. I’m having my doubts considering how much fun you are having. You may just continue to go east until you circle back in California.

    Carl Canaparo

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