A Night at the Museum

I came across this quote and it is fitting for our experience tonight: “Life goes on and the roads always lead to unexpected destinations”.  How else do you explain us ending up having a great time in a basement in Cazenovia, NY followed by an unbelievable dinner on a lake?!?  I’m going to start by jumping straight to the end of the day as it was an unexpected incredible experience and isn’t that what our trip is all about?
Matt basically presented it to me this way.  “Chris there’s these friends of ours in Danville who have a sister who’s married to a guy that collects beer cans and they’re by Syracuse and they said we should go see his collection and maybe we can sample some local beers”.  You’d all go jump to see that…right?!?  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I know the friends who were suggesting we go and the prospect of beer tasting sounded good so I figured what the heck let’s go see what this is all about.  Brenda’s sence of adventure was curious and Sarah thought this was going to be way lame.
After driving the back roads to Cazenovia, NY we found the house and were greeted by Hal and Linda.  It’s was one of those instances where you immediately know you’re going to like the people you’re meeting.  Hal then led us down to the basement and his Museum of Beer.  Before we could tour we all had to have a mug of beer which immediately made Katie and Sarah like this whole Museum of Beer thing much better.  We then spent the next hour and a half tasting beer, looking at beer bottles and cans from all over the world, sharing stories and basically having a great time with Hal, Linda and their son Brad.  Picture and description wouldn’t do justice to just how much fun we had, but here are a few of the photos:
Hal serving us our first beer (of many)
A few photos of the Museum:
The gang all around the bar enjoying swapping stories and sampling beer!
After the fun we had at the Museum of Beer we all then drove over to Lake Cazenovia for an incredible dinner on the lawn over looking the lake.  It was one of those perfect summer nights that wasn’t too hot or too cold and we watched the sunset while we ate a gourmet dinner while sharing even more stories.  We could have spent hours more there enjoying the great atmosphere but we do have 90 miles to ride tomorrow so it was time for us to close out and incredible night that started at the Museum of Beer!  Finally a big thanks to Hal and Linda for a great evening and then capping it off by treating us to dinner!
Now that you know the ending I’ll jump back to the beginning and middle which also fit my earlier quote well.  We left Rochester around 8a and upon entering Newark, NY hit our 3,500 mile mark for our trip.  I stopped and popped my head in the local barbershop and asked them where was a good place for breakfast.  I figured where else would be better to get the local info than the barbershop?  Matt and I then found ourselves at The Corner Family Restaurant and had a nice B2.  After they heard our story the wife of the owner, Tracey who is a second grade teacher, came out to interview us about our trip.
Today we had a number of small towns we were riding through so while we were riding our 87 miles for the day, Brenda, Sarah, Cindy and Katie spent the morning in Rochester enjoying jogging and walking along the river before driving the back roads and doing a little exploring of their own.  We met up with them at the hotel at the end of the day.
After we left Newark we rode a little further and then reached our second milestone of the day which was passing the 100,000 feet of elevation gain for our trip.  My legs certainly feel like they’ve climbed 100,000+ feet!  We then continued on to Weedsport where Matt and I rode over to Devaney’s Riverside Grill for lunch.  We sat outside and enjoyed a wonderful lunch and when the owner Cynthia found out we were cycling across America she treated us to lunch…thanks Cynthia!!!  From there we pedaled the final 25 miles to Liverpool, NY (next to Syracuse) and prepared for our beer adventure.
All day we had incredible unplanned and unexpected experiences which is the real highlight of the trip.  Each day is something new and we have no idea what the highlight is going to be.  Here we are on day 54 and we still are having this amazing adventure!  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!  Here’s a few more pictures from today:
Leaving Rochester…
Sarah, Brenda and Katie getting ready for their morning exercise!
Bike art we saw along the road today:
Lawnmower for the avid cyclist:
Think he’s into cycling…
Matt being interviewed.
Glad to know it was “Officially Haunted”
Our lunch spot in Weedsport, NY
Devaney’s with our server Tracey and owner Cynthia
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4 thoughts on “A Night at the Museum

  1. Amy Dittmore

    Wow! It sounds like you had an amazing day! If only it had been accompanied by some cow bells!

  2. Brad Collins

    Beer museum! Really! So cool!

  3. Glenda

    In keeping with one of the ongoing themes of the trip, “World’s Best / Biggest” and the questionable naming authority behind some of those “World’s Best” sites, I would like to suggest that the Beer Basement be added to the list of “World’s Best Beer Basement Museum”. Just a thought…

    Another great blog!

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