Turning for the home stretch…

We’re staring at the last four days of our trip.  However before we hit the home stretch we had a nice rest day planned for today in Cooperstown,NY.  If you’ve never been here it’s a place you should put on your list.  In addition to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Copperstown is a quaint New York town on a lake that has fun streets to stroll.  All of our gang enjoyed sleeping in this morning and moving at our on pace and not being on a schedule.

Brenda, Sarah and I enjoyed walking through town this morning and stopping at the coffee shop and then walking over to the bakery for wonderful cinnamon rolls.  After our slow morning Matt and I met to plan out the final days of our trip.  Matt then gave the bikes some much-needed TLC while I booked the final hotel rooms of our trip.  After 56 days on the road it’s a little surreal to think the end is with in sight.

Matt and I also had some work business to take care of today so as a result we both visited the Hall of Fame with our families separately.  I’ve been here a couple of time with my brother Cliff a couple of times and have fond memories of our trips.  Matt, Cindy, Katie, Brenda and Sarah had never been to the Hall of Fame before.  At dinner tonight we all discussed how much we enjoyed the Hall and our favorite exhibits.  This is our third Hall of Fame on our trip (Cycling in Davis, CA and Rock and Roll in Cleveland, OH) and we’ve enjoyed each one quite a bit and hope to go back again one day.

While it’s fun to see who’s been enshrined in the Hall of Fame, the best part of the Hall is the history of the game that you can see and learn about.  This is the same feeling we had a the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Not only is it a history of the game but it reflexes the history of our country and the evolution we went through as a country.  It’s also fun to see all the generations of people at the Hall and eavesdrop on their conversations about their memories of certain teams and/or players.  Baseball has certainly been an integral part of our society as evident by this “Green Light” letter to the commissioner of baseball regarding whether to cancel the season due to WWII: http://www.baseball-almanac.com/prz_lfr.shtml

We  wrapped up our last rest day with a wonderful dinner at Alex and Ika’s with great Fish Taco’s, draft beer and Creme Brule!  Now it’s time to start preparing for the last four days of riding and then back to facing reality which neither of us can clearly recall.

Enjoying our morning coffee in front of the inn we’re staying at in Cooperstown:

Matt the bike mechanic!

While Willie Mays was my favorite player growing up, Babe Ruth was the best player ever!

Love seeing the old equipment they used back in the day…

The five original Hall of Fame inductees:

These are the Giants I grew up on: Mats, McCovey, Marichal…

Brenda and the Swingin A’s she grew up with…

SF Giants Locker.  They have a locker for each major league team.

Tribute to matt Cain’s recent perfect game.  Can you tell I’m a Giants fan?!?

Matt and I enjoying the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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