You can’t judge a book by it’s cover…

One thing we’ve relearned on this trip is that you can’t judge a restaurant by its appearance.  Tonight was a great example as we walked across the parking lot from the hotel to Joe’s Pizza.  Since it was later in the night we weren’t feeling like driving to dinner and walked through the gravel parking lot to Joe’s which advertised that “You can watch Imported Hands toss the Pizza”.  I mean what better draw is there than “Imported Hands”?!?  So we all entered Joe’s a little uncertain of what we were getting into.  What we found was a great Italian restaurant with portions that were big enough to feed a family and the food tasted like a homemade Italian dinner.  We also had fun talking with our waitress about the local AHA minor league hockey team and the players that ate at Joe’s.  Nothing like going to a good local restaurant…

They weren’t able to clean their plates…

Today we only had 59 miles to ride.  Amazing how 59 miles now seems like a nice little short ride.  As a result we didn’t leave Cooperstown until 9:30a.  Matt and I met across the street at Stagecoach coffee while the girls still slept.  We discussed how our trip was winding down and we both have an incredible sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and fulfillment.  It’s a great feeling that we have so infrequently in our life’s that I’m treasuring every moment of this feeling.

When we finally left Cooperstown we were treated to a wonderful ride around Ostego Lake on our way to Schenectady, NY.  We had quite a few rolling hills today but with the shorter mileage, continued cool temps and rest day yesterday we felt pretty good.  There was no great place to stop on our route for B2 so we made the decision to ride straight to the hotel in Schenectady and arrived a little after 1p.  We then met the girls, showered and went to a nice lunch and ice cream on Jay Street in Schenectady.

After our lunch we drove about 30 minutes outside of town to the Howe Caverns.  When we got there Matt wasn’t feeling great so he elected to rest and catch up on other work while the girls and I took the 1 1/2 hour cavern tour.  The caves had been discovered back in the mid-1800’s and built to their current visitor configuration in the late 1920’s.  We were enjoying the tour through the caves and the boat trip on the river in the caves, but the best part came at the end.  They have a section called the “Winding Way” which was a very narrow passage way that you walked through for quite some time.  It’s hard to describe how coo it was but it was definitely a highlight and made the tour worthwhile.

After the cave tour Brenda and Cindy wanted to take a detour on the way back to the hotel to go see another covered bridge.  What is it with women and covered bridges?  Matt and I just wanted to get to dinner and Katie and Sarah aren’t old enough to be drawn into the covered bridge vortex yet.  So we made the detour to go see and photograph the old covered bridge.  Guess what…the bridge was built-in 1982!  I mean it was built after Brenda and Cindy had graduated from high school.  Matt, Katie, Sarah and I now have a new rule that no detours for covered bridges that aren’t at least 100 years old!

The “Old Fox River Covered Bridge”…

Today is our last day in New York as tomorrow we ride into Massachusetts our final state.  Hard to believe we’ll actually be in Massachusetts.  On one hand it seems like we’ve been gone forever while on the other hand it’s hard to believe the trip is actually ending!

Here’s a few more photos from today.  Matt and I in front of the Tunnicliff Inn, our hotel in Cooperstown.

Our Cooperstown morning coffee shop.  It’s not Peet’s but not a bad substitute…

Brenda, Sarah, Chris, Matt, Katie and Cindy at the Baseball Hall of Fame

Riding around Ostego Lake on a beautiful country road

Ostego Lake

Cycling through the New York countryside

Matt and more roadside cycling art

Our daily ice cream after lunch at Ambition in Schenectady

Howe Cavern

Katie in the Winding Way

Brenda and Sarah in the Winding Way

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