3 states in 20 minutes

So all along Matt and I have thought we’d be riding through 13 states on our ride across America.  Well lo and behold we actually ended up riding through 14 states!  Upon reviewing today’s route last night, we discovered we actually rode through a little sliver of Vermont.  It was a whole six miles, but in twenty minutes we were in New York, Vermont and finally Massachusetts.

This morning we left the hotel at 8:30a and rode through Schenectady, NY to the Mohawk Trail.  We’ve found riding through these bigger towns on the way to our route is always a little dicey, but so far we’ve been fine we just go a little slower and make sure we’re paying extra attention to the cars around us.  When we reached the Mohawk Trail it jumped to the top of the list of the best bike trails we’ve ridden on during our trip.  It was a wide PAVED trail that was canopied with trees and flat, it just doesn’t get better for a cyclist!

We then enjoyed riding on the Mohawk trail to Cohoes, NY where we met the girls for a great B2.  We weren’t sure where we were going to eat so I stopped a lady who was walking into the post office where we could find a good local breakfast.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this trip it’s that local will steer you right.  She suggested we go to Uncle John’s Diner around the corner.  Immediately upon walking into the diner, Matt and I knew we had found the right place.  All the tables were full with regulars (who of course immediately stared at us) and there were a husband and wife running the show.  It was something straight out of a movie set.  As we sat down we could hear the locals discussing which horses they should bet on today as the Saratoga racetrack was just a few miles away and the season had just started.  We had a great B2 and loved our local diner experience.

When we left Uncle John’s we were faced with 40 miles of rolling hills on our way to North Adams, MA.  We’ve gotten used to the hills these past few days so the ride today was a little better.  Also, the scenery was beautiful as we rode the back roads of New York to our six-mile stretch of Vermont and then on to North Adams.  Cindy and Katie met us at the Vermont border for our state sign picture and then drove six miles down the road and waited for us to take our Massachusetts state sign picture.

Now originally our planned route ended in North adams.  However when looking at tomorrow’s route to Gardner, MA we noticed that we had a 7 mile, 2,000+ foot climb out of North Adams over Whitcomb Summit.  The prospect of waking up tomorrow morning and immediately climb 2,000+ feet was not at all appealing to Matt or I so we decided to get the climb out-of-the-way.  We stopped briefly at our hotel and took the bags off our bikes trying to get rid of any weight we could.  We then pounded out the climb and the girls met us at the summit to shuttle us back to the hotel.  Tonight is going to be SO MUCH more enjoyable knowing we start our ride with a 15 mile downhill instead of a 7 mile climb!

After cleaning up at our hotel and enjoying one of our last bottles of wine we brought with us, we headed out for a great Mexican dinner.  After dinner ended up back at our hotel restaurant enjoying dessert and live music by Greg Caproni.  It was a fun evening and you can definitely tell that Matt and I are enjoying being in the last few days of our trip.

Here’s the pictures from today.  Leaving Schenectady:

Listening to the regulars discuss which horse to bet on in the races at Saratoga.

Getting ready to hit the road after a great B2 at Uncle John’s Diner in Cohoes, NY

Waterfall outside of Cohoes, NY

Getting ready to roll…

More Cowbell!!! For all you Will Ferrell fans or those who are wondering what I mean by More Cowbell: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/719364/

NY Farm…one of the many we saw the last few days.

Vermont, our unexpected 13th state.

Vermont was brief but beautiful.

For Ed and Holly, Vermont Corn!  We’ve seen corn in every state on our trip!

Our 14th and last state on our trip

Whitcomb Summit outside of North Adams, MA

North Adams, MA

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