3,910 Miles and Done!

We arrived at Revere Beach today at 2:30p after 60 days and 3,910 miles to a group of family and friends!


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42 thoughts on “3,910 Miles and Done!

  1. sherry langley

    Congrats to you guys.. All I can say is WOW and just amazing … What am accomplishment ..was great following you guys here.. Can’t wait to see what the next adventure is .. That is after some much needed rest …

    • Thanks Sherry, no clue what the next adventure will be. Sure glad we rode through Hot Springs and we had a great time with our stops there.

    • Matt Rester

      Congrats Chris and Matt! Very inspirational accomplishment…enjoyed the journey almost as much as you did! Hope you don’t have to ride back.

  2. Brad Maxon

    Congratulations Chris and Matt. It has been fun following your amazing adventure.

  3. Debbie Baker

    A wonderful accomplishment and an incredible journey. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Paul

    Wow. Just, wow.

    • Paul, thanks so much for all your comments during our trip, enjoyed seeing what you had to say! Also, had a great time seeing Manzar and Brian and getting to catch up with them! Take care…

  5. rwkuckuck

    So, where will you start Leg Two? Will you include the British Isles or will you go straight to the Continent to continue?

  6. Mary Duffy

    Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your ride with us, I’m going to miss your blogs. Having visited 49 states (Alaska is still on my Bucket List) I’m sure you agree with me that we live in America The Beatiful!

  7. Chris Gorgen

    Congrats to both of you. What an incredible accomplishment, you guys are amazing. Also, enjoyed the beer tribute…Sierra Nevada to Sam Adams, well done.

  8. Cathy Stojanovich

    CONGRATULATIONS to both of you. We enjoyed following along with you on your incredible journey. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. What is next on your ‘bucket list’?

  9. Stella Nash


  10. Mike Hahn

    Congratulations on a great accomplishment Chris and Matt, reading your blog and following along with you has been very inspiring. I’ve never met you but a co-worker told me about you guys when you were a couple of weeks into your journey and I’ve enjoyed following your journey ever since.

  11. Sue Trivella

    What an amazing accomplishment!!! Feel proud….so, so proud!!!!

  12. Catey DeBalko

    What an accomplishment! You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey. It has been a pleasure and an honor following along. You gave us much to think about as you traversed this great country. You are both great writers and did such a great job describing your experiences. Thanks for the the “ride”. Matt, looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing all about the trip.

  13. Linda DeFrees

    Chris & Matt & support crew……CONGRATS!!!

    You survived bugs, bad food, old ladies, hills, flat tires, etc etc.

    Nice job!

    Hal , Linda & Brad

  14. David Stevens

    You guys kicked ass. Totally impressive!! Congratulations

  15. Danica

    WOOT WOOT Awesome!!! I’m having a fat tire tonight in your honor, cheers! So happy you made it safely. Thanks again for letting me join you guys for part of your adventure. The great memories will last a life time.
    YOLO. Xoxo Danica

    • Danica, so glad for all you and Maggie did for us and the special part you were of our trip. Looking forward to getting together to share stories when we’re back. Thanks again for all you did!!!

  16. Gail Bennigson

    Congrats to both of you in your adventure!!! I’m going to miss your blog. You made us all feel like we could really share your experience. Rest up time.

  17. Mima

    Congratulations! You did it!

  18. Jeff & Jo

    Congratulations Matt and Chris! You accomplished your dream using your heart and legs and inspired countless other with your fingers and soul. Thanks for the best ride a long ever. Jeff & Jo

  19. Debra

    Adding my congratulations! And a very big thank you for taking the time to include us in your adventure. I’ve hung on every word.

  20. The Atlantic Ocean never felt so good, I bet! Absolutely spectacular in every way… thank you for sharing it all with us! We are thoroughly amazed, impressed, entertained, and inspired… we’ll drink a toast to you guys tonight… a thousand cheers!

  21. You are an inspiration to us all – CONGRATULATIONS! We have so enjoyed the journey through your amazing blogs filled with your thoughts, observations, and adventures. We are thrilled you made it and look forward to hearing all the stories upon your return!

    Sue and Glenn

    • Sue, it was so nice to meet your sister and brother-in-law. We had such a fun unexpected evening that quickly became one of our more memorable evenings on the trip. Thanks for setting it up!!!

  22. Kalen

    What an amazing adventure Matt and Chris! Congratulations on the accomplishment and thank you for taking us along with you.


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