From Chris the Cyclist back to Chris the Dad

I thought I’d update everyone on the few days after our ride ended and the big transformation.  Brenda, Sarah and I stayed with our good friends the McSharry’s while Matt and his family stayed at a local hotel (our first night apart in two months).  Early Monday morning Matt came over to the house for us to start the process of shipping home the bikes and unpacking the SAG vehicle.  We pulled everything out of the car and started to take apart the bikes.

Matt and I then packed the bikes in their carriers and drove them over to FedEx to be shipped home.  Leaving FedEx without our bikes seemed strange and was the first real sign that our trip was over.  We then went back to Brian’s and now it was time for Matt and I to go our separate ways.  We’d spent every waking moment together for the past two months so it seemed a little odd to know be off doing our own thing.  Matt drove off to go spend time in Boston and New York with his family and I’ll see him in a couple of weeks when we reassemble the bikes and start enjoying riding back in California.  Brenda, Sarah and I then drove up to Boxford for a nice lunch with my aunt and uncle.  Then back to Medfield for one final night with the McSharry’s.

It was now time for my transformation to take place.  For weeks everything had been about me and where I was, how I was feeling and what help I needed.  Family and friends had all been incredible with their support and encouragement.  But now it was time for Chris the cross-country cyclist to retire and Chris the husband, father and employee to reemerge.  In particular, Chris the Dad needed to make a quick appearance as it was now time to move Sarah off the college at NYU in New York City.

On Tuesday we filled every square inch of the car with both items from the bike trip and everything to move in Sarah.

On our way to New York we stopped in Danbury, CT where we were fortunate to be able to meet Sarah’s new roommate Michelle, her Mom and sister for lunch.  They live outside of Danbury and it was so nice to meet them at a time other than the craziness of move-in day.  We then drove through Westport, CT where we had lived from 8/97 to 1/99 and Sarah had started kindergarten.  We had a fun time wandering through Westport as it brought back quite a few memories for Brenda and myself.  We spent the night in Norwalk and then were up early this morning to head to the Big Apple.

Fortunately Sarah had been accepted to an early NYU volunteer program so we were able to move her in today with a small group of 75 students while the regular move-in is on Sunday.  Chris the Dad did his job of navigating the car around NYC and finding a place to park and move everything into Sarah’s dorm room.  After briefly helping Sarah we went to lunch and then said our first goodbye (we’re going back for the weekend).  Sarah was off to a volunteer meeting and Brenda and I were off to Jenkintown, PA to meet with my office tomorrow for an appearance of Chris the Employee.  Finally Chris the Husband will make his grand appearance this weekend in NYC with Brenda.

Thanks again for all your support and interest in our adventure this summer!  Now it’s time for one of you to come up with a journey so Matt and I can follow your blog!

One last moment with the bikes before packing them up

Sarah sorting through her “stuff” for college

Sarah’s dorm at NYU on 12th street.

Sarah checking out her bed while I install her new printer (isn’t that what all Dad’s do on move-in day?!?)

Brenda helping Sarah decorate her room (isn’t that what all Mom’s do on move-in day?!?)

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7 thoughts on “From Chris the Cyclist back to Chris the Dad

  1. Sue Trivella

    Ok now I’m even MORE amazed!!! The thought process and organization that this all took to somehow pull this all together….a cross country bike trip, the SAG support, meeting up with friends throughout the country, moving Sarah into college, the list goes on & on…..I am BEYOND amazed & impressed!!! Great, great job!!!!!!

  2. What an amazing journey for both Chris the Cross Country Cyclist and Chris the Dad. Can only imagine what’s in store for Chris the Husband and his lovely wife Brenda during their weekend in NYC. Have a great time!

  3. Carl Canaparo

    So Proud of you guys. Tremendously inspirational!

  4. Thanks for the follow up blog. I’m going to miss your updates and now I’ll wonder what Matt and Chris are up to on a daily basis! I truly enjoyed following your journey.

  5. Donna

    Congratulations to all three…Chris, Matt and Sarah!!! I have missed seeing the blogs. Can you still blog even though you are not cycling across the U.S.?? Enjoyed the pictures and following your journey. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  6. Joshua

    Matt and Chris, not sure if you still check the comments on this.. But what an awesome trip! My brother and I have started training for this same thing with the goal of going next summer. While looking for training and packing advice I found this blog.. I have so many questions! If you don’t mind sharing your advice or any helpful tips, please shoot me an email so I can ask away.

    Thank you for the stories.


  7. Hi Chris and Matt,
    I came across your blog during my planning to ride across the States. Is it possible to contact you for questions and logistic? I am planning to do this alone. I live in San Jose, CA. My email is or 408-705-3652. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    p.s great blog!

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