On the road again…

6 years ago today Matt and I rode into Jackson Hole, WY as part of our ride across America.  Well it’s time for us to hit the road again.  This September we’ll be joined by two friends, Mike Frandsen & Ed Brown to ride our bikes from Canada to Mexico.  If you’d like to follow our latest adventure, here’s the link to the new blog: Cycling the Pacific (https://cyclingthepacific.wordpress.com/)

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7 thoughts on “On the road again…


    So enjoyed living vicariously through your last adventure and looking forward to doing it again!

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  2. Cathy Stojanovich

    Very cool! I look forward to following along.

  3. Chris and Matt September will be here before the dinner bell rings. Plus, your coordinating the annual TDT within the route. Pretty cool planning. Place me on your update list so we can follow. Be well-

    Best regards,

    Greg Grant 916.607.4902


  4. Chris

    GOS question Using Ride by GPS phone app can one set it up so Linda see her location, my location and the route red kind ? So she can easily tract me?

    Best regards,

    Greg Grant 916.607.4902


    • Greg, hope the trip is going well! I believe if you upgrade Ride with GPS to the Basic service then it has live logging which would allow you to do this. Also, I believe you can do it through Garmin Connect on your phone if you use that app.

  5. Kim peterson

    good luck on the Deathride this weekend. KP

  6. Danica Mielke

    1. Update the first aid kit and be safe
    2. Have a milkshake and a beer for me
    3. Enjoy the Super 8 (I can’t ever see one of those signs without thinking of you and Matt)
    4. Have the time of your life❤️🚵🏼‍♂️

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